Posted by: chartroose | January 11, 2008

Morning, Come Quickly


Wanda Karriker, 2003, 439 p.

I barely started this one.  It’s horribly written.  Here are the first two sentences: “Startled awake.  Knowing what the face of the clock will read before she looks.”  What the hell?  They’re incomplete, and the 2nd sentence is grammatically incorrect.  I hate, hate, hate bad grammar, so I shut this with a resounding snap about 15 pages in.

It’s a fictional account of repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse.  I should’ve known it would suck when I read the verso page and the dedication which both mention “unwitting initiates into organized evil.”  That’s a stupid turn of phrase.  Don’t get me started!

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  1. LOL!! That’s sounds like a wonderfully horrible book. I’ve never heard of it, but if I should ever see it I’ll know not to touch it with a ten foot pole.

  2. The funny thing is, I read wonderful reviews of it on Amazon, which is why I interlibrary loaned it. Thank God it was only a library book and not one that I spent my hard-earned money on! There’s nothing more annoying than buying a crappy book!

  3. its not a literary novel. its an account of what happens when someone experiences what you in your nice cotton wool, comfy, naive life has thankfully never gone through

    cool. don’t buy it. but please don’t be disrespectful to folks that have gone through stuff people like you wouldn’t survive the first day of

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