Posted by: chartroose | February 12, 2008

A Lord of the Rings Review in Inkhorn


Since I’m continuing to obsess about this blog’s “Elementary School” rating, I’ve decided to write a short review of the Rings trilogy in Inkhorn.  Inkhorn words were invented long ago (16th century) by scholars, but were not accepted as part of the English lexicon.  Maybe this will help raise the reading level to at least “Middle School.”  Here goes:

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is most eximious.  Nine companions demit on a seemingly unpossible mission to adnichilate a magic ring in order to deruncinate the world of evil.  The companions had some adminiculation along the way, which helped them expede their objectives.

The plot of these books is very ingent, but a few of the more violent scenes may bother exolete readers.  There are also some rather temulent parts which may offend some readers’ cohibitions.

Overall, though, the Rings trilogy is quite illecebrous, and I recommend these novels to everyone.  In my opinion, they should be suppediated to all high school freshmen at the beginning of fall term every year.

Obtestated this day, February 12, 2008.




  1. Well, it’s more readable than the books. 😉

    Out of interest, are you measuring your English level against the blog or the blog’s feed? You should use the latter as the blog’s HTML is full of basic terms that get counted.

  2. Love you, Stewart! You’re so witty! I don’t know how it’s being measured, really. I just googled the thing and entered the url in a little box.

    One fun thing I found today was a readability level measurement thingamajig. My average readability level is grade level 9.4. In Britain, it’s 11.1.

    You should try one, just for kicks. I’ll bet yours would be 14.7 or something.

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more!!

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