Posted by: chartroose | March 4, 2008

March is the Cruellest Month

This past weekend, I headed to Dad’s suburban Denver home to spend a few days with him.  On Saturday, March 1, temperatures across Colorado were in the high 60’s/low ‘70’s.  People were running around in t-shirts and flip-flops.  On Sunday, when I got out of bed at around 7 a.m., there was a near-blizzard roiling around outside.  I quickly got dressed and hit the road, heading back to Colorado Springs.  It turned out to be just in time, too.  The interstate was beginning to ice-up and smaller cars were having trouble gaining traction.  Even I was sliding around a little bit, and I have a Jeep!  Here are some pictures of Sunday’s storm:

That’s Colorado for you—unpredictable and sometimes quite annoying!  March is Colorado’s cruellest and snowiest month, so I’m expecting more storms like yesterday’s.  During the drive (when I wasn’t freaking-out about the other cars sliding my way every few minutes) I began to think about novels I’ve read with a “snow” theme.  I couldn’t remember very many, but there was one that stood out in my mind. Here it is:

Kevin Canty, 2000, 385 p.

This is one of the most depressing books I’ve ever read, but it’s a good depressing.  Marvin Deernose, a middle-aged Native American loser, helps rescue a wealthy senator from his overturned car one snowy Montana evening.  The senator extracts a promise from Marvin which allows him to gain access to the senator’s privileged world.  Marvin soon becomes romantically involved with Justine, the senator’s train-wreck of a granddaughter.  The affair is doomed to failure, with the unhappy couple left as desolate and bleak as the barren Montana landscape in winter.  There is no happy ending here.

I both liked and despised Marvin and Justine.  I empathized with them, but I also wanted to grab both of them (especially Justine) and knock some sense into their heads.  They just couldn’t seem to get their lives together.  It seemed like they wanted to remain miserable forever.  There are people like this in the world, and they should be avoided whenever possible!

Icy winter driving should also be avoided whenever possible. 



  1. Oh wow, that’s quite some snow!

    We’ve had snow only two times this winter, and only a tiny little bit of it and not for long, but then on Monday it seemed whatever weather god there might be decided to spring some more on us (still very, very little of it, but we were pretty much convinced there’d be no more of it at all this side of the year). Weather is a strange phenomenon.

  2. Yes, it is a strange phenomenon. It makes me wonder about global warming–for the past couple of years, we’ve had very unsettled weather here at times. A huge blizzard shut down everything in the state for 3 or 4 days in 2006.

    Can’t wait until spring!

  3. Wow. Yeah, I’m moving to Denver (from LA, formerly Jersey) in a couple of months, and am glad I’ll be able to acclimate through the summer before I hit an actual winter. Sheesh, that’s a lot of snow.

    On snow books, one of my favorites was called “Lost Girls,” by Andrew Pyper. Canadian author, but it was like Stephen King crossed with Chuck Palahniuk and some John Grisham, and just about as completely awesome as that sounds (if you think it sounds awesome).

    Way good.

  4. Will, I’m going to have to read “Lost Girls” because I adore Chuck Palahniuk.

    I think you’ll love Colorado. Winters really aren’t as bad as people think. We’ll get some huge storms, but then we’ll have these beauiful sunny days (or even weeks) in the middle of winter that make you feel glad to be alive. It’s not all bleak and grey here like it is in Jersey. My younger daughter lives in Flemington.

    Also, Colorado people are pretty cool too. Most of us are not the bible-thumping, Limbaugh listening, Ann Coulter worshippers that the media makes us out to be.

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