Posted by: chartroose | March 24, 2008

Stay Away From the Light (or at least from the microphone) Sarah Vowell!


I was listening to “This American Life” this morning when author Sarah Vowell started to speak.  Her voice sent shivers up my spine because it reminded me of the voice of Zelda Rubenstein, zelda1.jpegthe little person who played the clairvoyant in the Poltergeist movies.  Zelda’s voice may be a bit more “nails on the chalkboard” annoying, but otherwise, they’re almost identical.  I immediately had to look up information on Sarah Vowell since a normal person cannot possibly have a voice like that.  I found out that she is not a normal person.

Sarah Vowell is a superhero.  She is the voice of Violet in The Incredibles.


You can hear her voice here, among other places. 

I’ve never read any of her novels.  Perhaps I’ll give one a try, as long as it’s not an audio version read by the author!  (It does seem ironic that her last name is Vowell).  



  1. I’m pretty sure I have one (maybe two) of her books around here somewhere (although it would take a trip downstairs to confirm that). If I do indeed have them, and you would like them, I’d be happy to pass them on.

  2. Thank you, softdrink! I’d love to try one or two 🙂

  3. Cool…if you email me your address I’ll see what I can come up with.
    fizzybeverage at gmail dot com

  4. Are you kidding? I love her voice!
    (I am VERY happily married–like I keep asking, “How in hell do i deserve to be this happy,” but . . .) I have decided, if I ever find myself single, I’m going to propose to Sarah.
    What a delightful way to spend a life: listening to that “unique” voice dropping those hidden zingers every so often.

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