Posted by: chartroose | April 16, 2008

The Mysterious Ticking Noise – LIVE!

A couple of posts ago, I uploaded a Potter Puppet Pals skit.  Since then, I have spent several hours watching a surprising amount of You Tube videos where real people have reenacted “The Mysterious Ticking Noise.”  Most of the videos were just awful, but there were a few that were pretty good.  Here is one of the better ones.  I like the practiced insouciance of these college students. 

I wish You Tube had never been invented.  It’s a terrible OCD enabler.  I need professional help… 




  1. Ah yes, I look so fondly on those college days, when I, too, was busy practicing insouciance. Ah, the memories.

  2. Care – As you know insouciance is kind of a lost art. Only the finest college students are allowed to practice it and very few actually learn it. I wasn’t smart enough to learn how to be convincingly insouciant, but I got pretty good at petulance. I wasn’t too shabby in the dourness domain either!

    I’ll bet you were at the top of your sarcasm class!

  3. No, I blew off sarcasm class, barely squeaked a C due to attendance. Wasn’t that the one on Fridays at 3 pm?

  4. ~Heh~
    Only the most sarcastic would deign to blow off sarcasm class! You are the master, Care!

  5. I must show this to my son! He loves the Mysterious Ticking video and probably has no idea that people are doing their own versions. Don’t worry too much about the YouTube addiction – we have all just given in to it over here!

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