Posted by: chartroose | April 23, 2008


Jim Brown, 2001, 373 p.

I’m not going to finish this. It’s just no good. Unfortunately, I’ve read 150 pages already, so what a waste of time!

The novel is a thriller about a reality series (“Survivor” clone) gone awry. One contestant will be killed off per day until there is one person left. The lone survivor will receive 2 million dollars and “his or her heart’s desire.”

I was hoping this would resemble an intriguing combination of And Then There Were None and The Most Dangerous Game, but it has turned out to be like a poorly-written Tom Clancy novel, as if there is any such thing as a well-written Tom Clancy novel!

Hasta La Vista, bookie!



  1. and now what? What book is next?

  2. Heh, Heh, Care–

    I persuaded my boss that I absolutely had to have a Kindle for work related purposes, and I just received it yesterday, so I immediately purchased a couple of books (using my own funds, of course) and downloaded them onto this cute little device.

    Right now, I’m reading “The Pale Blue Eye” on my Kindle, even though I’m really supposed to be downloading and reading work-related stuff. I love my job!

  3. It’s good to see an “I abandoned this book – I didn’t like it” post every so often. It makes me feel better for all the books I abandon and don’t like (and there are lots).

  4. Yes Stephen,

    I’ve decided to try to be honest about what I read, and that’s kind of hard, especially if you think of yourself as a “nice” person.

    I’m going to be reviewing a novel for an actual publisher pretty soon, and that could create a dilemma. What if I don’t like the novel? I guess I’ll just have to write to the publisher and tell them that I can’t review it due to a “conflict of interest.”

  5. Hi Char, I’m reading one now that was sent by a publisher. They want a review by May 1st. It is sooooooo bad. Wooden dialog. Stereotypical characters. Blech, I hate it. If I didn’t feel an obligation to finish, it would have been in the trash by now. What to do?

  6. Lisa,

    Tell them that you don’t like it and don’t want to harm sales by giving it a bad review. You may not ever get another review copy from that publisher, but at least your integrity will remain intact!

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