Posted by: chartroose | May 1, 2008

Weekly Geeks #1 – Discover New Blogs

Dewey over at The Hidden Side of a Leaf has come up with a fantasic idea for us (her peeps) to sign up for weekly themed postings.  You can check out her description of this process here.

This week’s assignment is to explore 5 new book blogs from the long list at Dewey’s site and write a brief description of them.  This will allow our readers to explore these new blogs and also let the new blogs take a look at us.  Way cool, Dew!  Due to time constraints, I’ve chosen to take a look at just a couple of book blogs and then write my impressions of them.  Here goes:

  1. Tasses at Random Wonder  – This is one of the most original blogs I’ve ever seen, and I could spend hours reading her posts.  If you click on “adult reads” in the sidebar, it takes you to this site, which is fantastic looking and has some great reviews.  If you click on “children and teens” in the sidebar, you go to this adorable site which has fun kid book info.  I don’t know how she maintains all three of these blogs so well.  I’m going to have to spend a lot more time checking them out!  (And she’s being added to my blogroll right now).
  2. Renay at The Deus Ex Machina Complex – I love the title of this blog!  And Renay is very snarky and amusing.  Here are a few sentences from her review of The Book of Lost Things:  “The boys need to kiss in the story. And also they should be alive. I mean, I’m just saying. NO HARD FEELINGS.”  Hilarious!  I kind of agree with her on that one.  Even though Live Journal is my least favorite blog format (sorry Renay), I’ll forgive her because it’s just so much fun to hang with her. 

Maybe there will be time to look at more later on.



  1. HELLO! I am, uh, already watching your blog so I couldn’t link to you, so therefore I propose we tell Dewey she should have a “share your favorite book blogs with people!” themed week. That would be AWESOME.

    Meanwhile, you’re not alone in the least favorite platform thing, but it’s hard to move away when you’ve been there going on six years (I have tried and failed, sob sob). We are very upset with our Russian Overloads, as well. But at least we have Paris? No, wait, I meant OpenID. I keep trying to pimp it out! I wrote a tutorial and everything!

    Maybe one day, book blog community! ONE DAY. XD

  2. Love ya, Renay! I’ll be spending more time at your blog now that I know who you are and what you represent (and I mean this in a good way, of course. I’m just sayin’). ( :

  3. Nifty!

    This is becoming too time consuming! I’m late for getting ready for an appt (time is collapsing – it’s 30 minutes away, no 28 minutes… AAAAHhh) and what do I do?

    keep checking ONE MORE LINK, ONE MORE COMMENT…

  4. Care –

    I was thinking the same thing last night as my head was drooping and my already pathetic typing skills were rapidly deteriorating. This is why I only looked at a couple of sites.

    Also, today is BTT. I don’t even know if I’ll get to this one! I’ll be over to visit you soon.

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