Posted by: chartroose | May 30, 2008

Charlie Bit Me!

Okay, it’s time to fess up.  I’m a “youtube-a-holic,” and I think this problem is too huge for medical professionals to help me overcome.  Last night, I spent about an hour looking at laughing baby videos.  Somewhere in the middle of this excursion, I ran into the hilarious clip shown below.  This must be a very popular video because quite a few other people have copied it.  One of the copycat videos can be viewed below too.


I think Charlie is an aspiring cannibal, and doesn’t the second video seem kind of psychosexual in nature?  Since this is a readerly and writerly blog, I’ve decided to end today’s post with the following cannibalistic poem:


Someone ate the baby.
It’s rather sad to say.
Someone ate the baby
So she won’t be out to play.
We’ll never hear her whiney cry
Or have to feel if she is dry.
We’ll never hear her asking “Why?”
Someone ate the baby.

Someone ate the baby.
It’s absolutely clear
Someone ate the baby
‘Cause the baby isn’t here.
We’ll give away her toys and clothes.
We’ll never have to wipe her nose.
Dad says, “That’s the way it goes.”
Someone ate the baby.

Someone ate the baby.
What a frightful thing to eat!
Someone ate the baby
Though she wasn’t very sweet.
It was a heartless thing to do.
The policemen haven’t got a clue.
I simply can’t imagine who
Would go and (burp) eat the baby.

 — Shel Silverstein



  1. Oh god, I’m addicted to youtube too. I love the laughing babies. And the algorithm dance. And the baby panda sneeze… Last night my 12yo son and I spent waaay too much time looking at all the LOTR clips with farts.

  2. Julie–I love the LOTR fart videos! Have you seen the Jack Black LOTR spoof? I’m heading over to youtube right now to check out that algorithm dance. It sounds great!

  3. oh my goodness…I laughed harder watching those two videos than I have in a long- LONG time!!! hahahahaha~! very good.

  4. Yeah, Bethany, I just watched them again for a few chuckles before work. They’re a great pick-me-up!

  5. OMG I found the Jack Black one — I watched it 3 times in a row and about died laughing each time…

    I’ve just tagged you for a meme; hope you don’t mind. 🙂

  6. Julie–You’re so cute! I’ll get started on your meme tomorrow or Tuesday. Meanwhile, I’m adding you to my blogroll and subscribing to you via bloglines.

  7. I love the first video. I posted about it a while ago on my blog. I’ll have to check out the other videos people mention. I’ve got a draft all ready to post with a youtube video that’s freaking awesome. I think if you search britain’s got talent michael jackson you’ll find it.

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