Posted by: chartroose | June 10, 2008

Surfer Dude’s Guess that Gnarly Gnovel #1

Hey all you bitchin’ dudes out there in blogalicious land!  I’m Surfer Dude, and when you see a post written by yours truly, guess the answer at total warp so you can win an awesome prize!  This month’s prize will be this book: 

which that donk Chartroose bought by accident since she already has the newer expanded edition.  Sometimes she can be such a Barbie!  Anyway, the first person to correctly post the title and author in the comments will win this totally rad book!

Are you ready to guess the gnarly gnovel?  All right dudes, here’s my synopsis:

There’s this totally bummin’ girl who is knocked-up and has nowhere to live because her zonked-out old lady kicked her out of the house.  These two seniors decide to let her hang with them for awhile.  These old dudes are most excellent—I mean they’re like total Silver Surfers!  And the girl was a babelini once she had the baby too.  There were also these two little groms who were having a meltdown because their mother was a total freakdudette, but their old man was a righteous dude and he was like, “hey little dudes, just chillax” and they did.

Okay, who is gonna be the Big Kahuna this time?  Post the title and author in the comments.  Good luck, dudes!  I’m like totally stoked! 



  1. It’s like, totally, Plainsong, by that dude Kent Haruf.

  2. Hey, like, you won, dude! It’s hyper fierce gnar gnar that you won, since you’re like, a total Emma! Most excellent congrats to you, Softdrink! Oh, and e-mail your address to chartroose at yahoo dot com. I might still have it, but then again, I might not.

  3. Congrats Softdrink! I would have sent you the link to this post since you were the person I thought of first who might know.

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