Posted by: chartroose | June 10, 2008

Winner of the Surfer Dude Game

Is softdrink, which is hyper lala because she’s totally cooha and she’s really bad ass too!  Woot!



  1. I just looked up more on Plainsong and have to LAUGH at what you did here! ha!!! most clever, you are.

  2. Of course I’m cool…I live with a surfer. ;-D

  3. Thanks Care! And Softdrink, no wonder you won this, dude! Tell your surfer dude that one of my favorite birchin’ movies is “Big Wednesday.”

  4. softdrink is a beach babe

  5. And ou can tell surfer dude that my favorite surfin’ movie is Point Break! ah,maybe don’t tell him. It’s the only one I’ve seen, I think?

    So… what is considered the best of the surf movie genre?

  6. You’re a becah babe too, Lisa!

    I don’t know the best one, Care, since I’ve only seen a few as well. Softdrink should ask her squeeze.

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