Posted by: chartroose | July 8, 2008

I Am Getting So Old!

I know I’ve been neglecting the ol’ blog lately, but I have a couple of good excuses:

1.  I haven’t been reading much for the past week because I’ve started taking Celecoxib for knee osteoarthritis and it has been causing blurry vision (even with my reading glasses) which means that I’ve only been able to read a page or two at a time.  The blurriness is slowly going away, but it’s a real pain.

2.  Speaking of pain, I slipped and injured my foot while walking last week. I think one of the little bones on the top is broken, but it’s feeling better now too.  It seems like I’m getting nowhere during my walks, anyway. I think I need to quit doing the activity shown in the following video and walk like a normal person again.  It’s too bad, because this greatly impresses the young men I meet along the way!

You do realize that I could never do this in a million years, don’t you?  When my knees and my foot feel better maybe I’ll try it.  I’ll do it front of my older daughter so she can ROFL to the extreme!

Stay tuned to dis ‘ere blog, because I’m cooking up another freebie contest.  It won’t be long until it’s posted!



  1. Thats no good at all! I’ve also had quite a number of injuries lately and am beginning to suspect that this whole exercise business is in fact highly overrated!

    hope you feel better soon. 😀

  2. I agree owl! And this is just walking, for goodness sake! What have you injured?

  3. I keep tearing a muscle in my leg, from playing soccer. I’ve now torn the same muscle twice in two months. I think it might be my body’s way of saying I’m getting too old to chase super fit 18yr olds around!

  4. Yeah owl, be careful with that leg, otherwise you’ll end up being a gimp like me! Maybe you can take up hardstyle shuffling instead, which, by the way, started in underground clubs in Melbourne. Perhaps some of your 18 year old teammates can teach you ( =

  5. Oooh, I hope you feel better soon. I loved the video, though I was expecting the Ministry of Silly Walks. 😉

  6. Yeah, Julie, I thought of putting that in there too. I adore John Cleese (in case you haven’t noticed).

  7. Bummer about the blurry vision. I could cope with a broken bone (says she who has never broken a bone) because then I would feel justified sitting around all day and reading. But blurry vision??? Aaaaarrgghh!

  8. Softdrink–it’s a lot better today (almost normal) thank God!

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