Posted by: chartroose | July 9, 2008

Surfer Dude’s Guess That Gnarly Gnovel #2

Hey, all you book brainiacs out there in the web-o-sphere!  That totally rad pula kahula Chartroose is pulling a hugangus shocka nar nar move this time!  This is totally ba roos, dudes!  She’s decided to award a $25.00 Barnes & Noble gift certificate to the first correct guesser of the following book.  Now, don’t biff this and be a durfer; if you use your noggin you can rip this up in a major way.

Here’s the book.  Good luck dudes, I’m totally stoked!  Chyeah!

There’s this swamp-donkey lookin’ dudette that meets a brohah at a hotel and marries him.  This is totally doof because she barely knows him and he turns out to be this lame aggro rockbreather type of dude.  He takes her to his stellar crib in the country and she acts like a deadhead dork and keeps being a nube and everyone thinks she’s some kind of tori kook.  Also, there’s this festy housekeeper that keeps giving her the stink eye all the time.  The evil housekeeper wants the dudette to die, which is totally whack, dudes!  Things get more and more doke and the dudette totally freaks, but everything turns out to be coolaphonic in the end.  This is all I’m gonna say, dudes, or it’ll be too easy for you to figure out.  What book is it?


  1. I might be totally wrong because my surfer lingo needs brushing up, but this book sounds like Rebecca by Daphne de Mauier.

  2. T Y —

    You’re totally right, my crippler chick friend! I’m stoked it’s you, because you are awesome! Send me your mailing address @ chartroose at yahoo dot com. What a slammin’ winner!

  3. I was gonna be bummed that I was too late, but then I didn’t even know the answer, since I’ve somehow made it through life without reading Rebecca.

  4. Hey, Softdrink, “Rebecca” is not one of my faves, but a whole bunch of people seem to like it. These are kind of hard to do, and I know that eventually I”m going to write one that nobody understands at all!

  5. I was going to guess Rebecca (really! I was!) but it would have been a complete guess because what in the BLAZES is that boy speaking? Gah.

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