Posted by: chartroose | July 31, 2008

Another Amazing Award for chartroose!

Wow!  I was given this award by two wonderful bloggers:  Heather J., from Age 30 – A Year of Books and Heatherlo from Book Addiction.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  I’m so flattered by both of their comments about me! 

Heather J. has a wonderful blog chock full of insightful reviews.  I think she’s smarter than I am, because she read The Hobbit when she was in the first grade and loved it!  Can you imagine actually understanding The Hobbit when you’re six years old?  Cripes!  Heather also read Eddings’ The Belgariad in 6th grade (which I love), and started tackling Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series in middle school.  I got through the 5th book and then kind of gave up, but now that poor Mr. Jordan has passed away, I feel like I need to start over again.  Heather, my Dad would absolutely love you!  I can just see the two of you discussing fantasies for hours on end.  Also, in case you haven’t already tackled these, please read George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series.  The next book is coming out in September.  IMO, they’re better than LOTR.

And Heatherlo — Thank you so much!  I don’t remember when I stumbled onto your blog, but I think we started them at about the same time, so I was probably trolling around looking for other newbies to connect with.  I do remember being impressed by your writing skills–you have a unique way of expressing yourself which appeals to my peculiar sensibilities.  I know this sounds silly, but some writers just work for me, and you’re one of those.  Plus, you read a helluva lot more than I do.  How do you do it?

The funny thing is, I had several friends in high school who were Heathers.  Two of them were on swim team with me.  Heathers are cool!

So, Heathers, in tribute to you, I now proudly present a clip from “Heathers.”  (I hope you aren’t offended by salty language).



  1. Congratulations on your awards! I didn’t read any of that stuff until much later. Like in my 30’s. 🙂 And with all due respect to Mr. Jordan, there’s no way I’d start that series over. I’ve read all the ones that are out and nothing happens after the 3rd one. Nothing at all.


  2. Lezlie, Thanks for the heads-up about the Jordan books. That’s why I quit reading after the 5th one, but my Dad claims they got better again. I don’t want to waste my time, though, so forget it.

  3. I love reading your blog, so of course I had to give you this award! I promise I’ll try out Martin’s books … I’ve heard of them but never read them. And I’m sure I’d love chatting with your dad – when I was still living at home, my dad, sister and I all read the same fantasy books and we’d talk about the ad nauseum (at least, that what my mom would say!).

    And I should be ashamed to admit this but … I’ve never actually seen the movie Heathers. How embarrassing.

  4. Thanks Char!! I have seen the movie Heathers once and what I thought to myself was “well that’s not a very nice representation of us Heathers… we are not all bitches!” but still, I enjoy that movie and thanks so much for the kind words! 🙂 Right back at ya!

  5. oh WHAT happened to Christian Slater!! what a great flick… and congrats on your awards. I would most definitely count you in the Brilliante category.

  6. Congratulations! Well deserved! (And I read The Hobbit when I was seven… does that count?)

  7. Thanks Heather and Thanks Care!

    Heather–Doesn’t it seem that Heathers have gotten a bad rap? Pretty much every Heather I’ve known has been athletic, pretty and smart. Heathers rock!

    Care–It seems like Christian Slater kind of went off the deep end. He’s been in trouble with the police several times, and was even arrested for grabbing some woman’s behind as she walked by! How stupid is that? Have you ever seen “Untamed Heart?” I love him in that movie!

    Good Lord, cartooncat! Seven seems awfully young to be reading “The Hobbit.” I could probably have read it, but I don’t think I would’ve understood it! You and Heather certainly have me beat in the brains department!

  8. Congratulations! Well deserved.

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