Posted by: chartroose | September 17, 2008

Announcing the Monsterpiece Giveaway Winners


Hi, it me, Alastair Cookie, back to announce winners.  Me hope chartroose use me again because this very fun and very tasty!  Speaking of tasty, me thinking of terrific chartroose cookies.  (She doesn’t have to give me so many cookie.  Me usually only get a handful during most appearances).  Shh, don’t tell!  Me like a lot of cookie!    

Hey, chartroose, can me have delicious cookie before me announce winners?  Puhleeeeze?

What this?  How many cookie are there?  Me count only one, two…


Did someone say Count?  HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!


Get away, Count!  Me don’t want you here!  Me having private discussion with chartroose!  Go back to your castle and count rotten eyeballs!

Now, where was me?  Oh–CHARTROOSE, me only see four cookie here!  That not enough cookie!  What?  You were listening?  You heard what I said?  OH, NO!  Well, I guess some cookie better than no cookie (sigh).  Er, thank you chartroose.

Excuse me a second.  Um-num-nim-num-num.  (Blah – there not even enough cookie here to make me burp).

Okay, now Alastair Cookie announce winners.  They are Debbie and Ruth.  Congratulations.  (Me hope chartroose send you real monster book toy and not some teeny little fake monster book toy.  Plus, they don’t really go grrrr when you pull their tongue–it more like maahhhh–like they have tummy ache).  E-mail your home addresses to chartroose at yahoo dot com.

Me go home now.  Goodbye, chartroose.  Thanks for little cookie (sigh).

Hey, what this?  Chartroose, did you leave these for me?  All of them?  Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!  Me love cookie!  Me love chartroose!  Hooray for Debbie and Ruth!  Hooray for everyone! 

 (Alastair Cookie pretty smart cookie, wouldn’t you say?) 

Peanut butter and choclolate, wow!  Cookie Monster in heaven!  Um-num-num-num-num-num!  Uh-num-num-num-num…



  1. Celebration at my house tonight because I won! Thanks!

  2. Congratulations to both winners!!!!! Now I’m going to go eat some cookies because this announcement made me oh, so hungry!

  3. lol! Congrats to the winners.

    (I think I might have to go get some cookies now too)

  4. Cookie! I mean, thank you! (Like Alastair Cookie, I’m so easily distracted by the mere mention of cookies.)

  5. Good job, Cookie! I hope chartroose uses you again, too…you’re an excellent guest poster.

  6. Chartroose ~ You are cordially invited to share a BBAW Chocolate Martini over at Books ‘N Border Collies. Stop on over!


  7. Looking at that cookie sheet has led me to the realization that food is my new porn.

  8. What a great post!

  9. What a funny post – I love the Cookie Monster. And those cookies look fabulous, and I don’t even like peanut butter cookies.

  10. Cookies! lol
    Excellent post and congrats to the winners.

  11. The Waugh novel arrived today! Looks great…I love the cover. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

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