Posted by: chartroose | September 24, 2008

Have You Ever…A Meme For Lazy Bloggers, Like Me!

I don’t remember where I found this.  It has been buried in my “blog ideas” pile for ages, so I guess it’s time to get ‘er done.

Have You Ever…

1.  gone on a blind date?  Nope.  This may sound conceited, but I never needed to.  Beautiful men were beating a path to my door.   Sadly, I had to pick the biggest asshat of the bunch to marry and breed with.  I may have been good looking, but I had a brain the size of a paramecium.

2.  skipped school?  All the time.  What kind of a dumb-butt question is this?

3.  been on the opposite side of your country?  Yep.  I lived in Pacifica, California for an couple of years as a child and Maryland when I was married to the aforementioned asshat.

4.  swam in the ocean?  Many, many times.  Once my heinie got  stuck in some coral when the tide was coming in and I almost drowned.  Another time, on a Costa Rican Windjammer Cruise, I decided to go on a lengthy swim off the coast.  The Captain of the ship was watching me through his binoculars.  He threw a hissy fit when I got back on board and insisted that I was being careless and that I swam out too far and that he was liable and blah, blah, blah.  He wouldn’t speak to me for the rest of the trip.

5.  had your booze taken away by the cops?  No, but I did hit a parked camper while driving drunk and totaled my Dad’s Jeep.  The cop who responded took pity on me and drove me home.  I received a reckless driving ticket from the cop and a beating from my Dad.   Wasn’t I a good kid?

6.  lettered in a high school sport?  Yep, swimming.

7.  cried yourself to sleep?  Several times post-divorce and after Mom died.

8.  played a musical instrument?  Yeah, I played the French Horn in grade school for about a year.  I absolutely deplored it, and haven’t touched an instrument since.

9.  sung karaoke?  Are you kidding?  I’m waaaay too scared of crowds to do that!  It doesn’t help that I  also happen to be tone deaf and sound like a moose in heat. 

10.  cheated on an exam?  Yes, and I’m not proud of it, but it really was a self-preservation thing. 

11.  played spin-the-bottle?  No.  I hated boys until high school, and by then I was a bit too old for such shenanigans.

12.  laughed until some sort of beverage came out of your nose?  Yes!  I’ve had all kinds of things come out of my nose, and I’ve also put some things into it.  ‘Nuff said.

13.  watched the sun rise with someone you care about?  Yes, with several someones.

14.  ever been arrested?  Yeah, for speeding — 118 in a 55.  I lost my license and had to pay a hefty fine for that one.

15.  gone ice skating?  Yes and I wasn’t impressed.  It seemed pointless to keep going around and around in circles.  I do enough of that outside in the real world! 

16.  been skinny dipping?  Many times, usually while loaded and with a boyfriend.  Hey, it’s no wonder I was so popular with the guys!

17.  been on television?  No, but I was in the newspaper a couple of times, all swimming related.  And no, I was never featured on the local crime page!  Jeez!

18.  thrown up in front of a date?  Yes.  I threw up on the date himself once (on his shoes).  I also threw up (quite profusely) in a guy’s truck and he was not happy.  I puke a lot though, kind of like that kid on South Park.

That’s it!  If you decide to try this, I’d love to read what you have to say, so link back.



  1. wow, you ARE kool. scary even, a little.

    I’d do this meme but my mom reads my blog and she’d be shocked. that is, if I answered honestly.

    I bet that windjammer cruise was wonderful!

  2. This is hilarious! I’m w/ Care: this one is a leetle too much dirty laundry for me. 😉 One of my exes got arrested for speeding; he was going over 120 in a 60. Somehow, he kept his license, but I think his ticket was over $700. And he had his guitar w/ him and the cop thought he was hiding a gun in the case! hehe (I was NOT there, thank God)

  3. The only ones I can say no to:

    arrested, cheated, skipped, booze taken away (I was a good girl), lettered, blind date.

  4. Yeah, Care, the cruise was wonderful. I also (like a total moron) grabbed a sea urchin and got a whole bunch of spines in my hand. The extraction was quite painful.

    Eva, It’s okay, you don’t have to talk about your sordid past, and I can just sense that it was INCREDIBLY sordid!

    dew–that means you DID play spin-the-bottle! You were a wild one too!

  5. I married badly, too, but I’m still stuck with him. Guess I figure he’s better than nothing, although this week I’m not so sure. I’m in agony with some infection and has he come home for lunch once? Noooo (he has a 6-minute commute). Has he made it home by 5:00 once? Nooo. Can he rinse a single freaking dish? Nooo.

    Okay, got that off my chest.

    You were definitely a wild girl.

  6. Oh, I wish I could laugh at Nancy here, but I so feel for her. So hub isn’t too sympathetic, huh? that’s crap.

    Anyway, back to me… I have played spin the bottle and I’ve been on a blind date. and I’ve even skipped school (but only for the first 2 hours, came in just to take a calculus exam, and then skipped the rest of the day – that counts right?) I did drink beer at lunch once and went to school for the afternoon – that was probably bad thing but I didn’t get caught.)

    I’ve sung karaoke once, I love to ice skate, and who really cares about all this. I really really want to skinny dip some day. Do hot tubs count?

  7. Fun meme! I found it on Jill’s Fizzy Thoughts blog. My responses are not as colorful as yours though. I guess I fall more in the “good kid” or “boring kid” category.

  8. Oh yes, book blogging and sordidity (? is that really a noun? I think I’m just making it up!) go hand in hand. 😉 I just gave my mom my blog address (since sh’e going to be doing the read-a-thon), so I have to be a little more careful now. *sigh* Although, actually, she knows about almost everything!

    It seems like almost all the women I know married badly. Makes me skeptical about the whole husband thing…

  9. I can say yes to all but letters #6 and #14. Not sure I want to elaborate on any of it on my G rated blog, though!!

  10. PS You are a wild woman

  11. Sounds like you were a handful!

  12. Nancy, I’m sorry about the husband stuff and I’m also sorry you’re not feeling well. I know that I’ve been a lot happier being single than I ever was when I was married, although I did love the guy. Use your hubby to help pay bills, especially now, with the economy tanking the way it is!

    Care–I want more details about spin the bottle and blind dates and stuff, because I think that perhaps you’re not nearly as sweet as we’d all like to think! I don’t know if everybody else thinks you’re as cuddly as I do–it’s just a feeling I get whenever I hear from you.

    girasoli–I tried to be a good kid, or at least my intentions were good, but I was too stupid to control my impulses. You were smarter than me, and that’s a really good thing!

    Eva, Yep, I KNEW IT! You’re hiding your past from us because you want to seem all pristine and snowy white! Well, you don’t have me fooled!
    BTW–I won’t give Dad my blog address–he’d have fits about any expletives or anything racy I might write about.

    Lisa, I’ve already figured you out. You’re definitely a free spirit, which is why you sometimes feel boxed-in by your life. Also, I understand your blog constraints completely–in the wrong hands what you say can certainly blow up in your face! I still think you should get away and take a trip to Paris, or at least Monterey!

    confuzzled–I definitely was a handful, and very unpredictable. I don’t know how my parents kept their sanity during my worst developmental stages.

  13. […] (not YOU, Mom-it’s just an example), or my husband being an asshat (I borrowed that term from Chartroose), or my annoying neighbor who continuously shows up at my doorstep unannounced (I’m not […]

  14. Wasn’t sure how to link back, but here it is if you really are interested. It’s a bit odd. Not as nice as yours…

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  17. Thank you Hannibal I hope that you will join the ranks of our regular commenters.

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