Posted by: chartroose | September 29, 2008

American Psycho, American Psycho, American Psycho and Christian Bale too!

This is really strange, or at least I think it is:  my post on American Psycho has had about four times more hits on this blog (around 2,000) than any other entry.  Christian Bale is second.  I’m definitely going to have to write about more hot male celebrities starring in screen adaptations of violent novels in the future.  Maybe this is the secret to becoming an uber-popular book blogger.

It’s kind of sad when you think about it.  Serial killers and Christian Bale are more entertaining to the average Joe than outstanding literary masterpieces like Angle of Repose or Anna Karenina.  Paris Hilton has more of a following than Nadine Gordimer or Kazuo Ishiguro.  Sigh.  It seems like we’ve kind of lost our way, don’t you think?  Maybe we never found our way to begin with.

Since American Psycho is still so popular, I decided to troll the net for proof of its enduring notoriety.  First, here are some funny pictures I found:

And here are a couple of dolls:

I’m not especially anxious to acquire one of these!

The latest news about American Psycho is that it’s being made into a Broadway musical.  Imagine that!  It’ll probably be a huge hit.

Here are a couple of pictures of Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman:

I don’t think Mr. Bateman would spend much time worrying about skin cancer, do you?  (Also, I’m not saying a word about Christian’s hotness in this photo because that would make me no better than the superficial people I’m ranting against.  NOT A SINGLE WORD)!  God, was he cut! 

Finally, Here’s a film clip of the tail end of American Psycho. It’s pretty spooky.

For good or ill, I believe Patrick Bateman will be a part of American popular culture for a long time to come.



  1. I made the mistake of taking a sip of green tea before reading your post. Now that I’ve cleaned up my desk, I thought I would thank you for providing me with a good laugh for the day (although in some ways, it’s not funny at all). I think I’ll try something similar over at my blog and report back with my findings. Mercy, it’s hot in here. Must be something wrong with the thermostat in this house. Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with that last Bale-full photo….

  2. Haha it’s always amazed me to find out what gets searched for more on the internet, makes me kinda sad too. I had once read a blog that talked about how many Google searches people perform for the words “free Shakespeare essay” – it was like 87% more popular than just “William Shakespeare”.

    And I would be first in line to buy tickets to American Psycho on Broadway 🙂

  3. You are correct – spookily spooky.

    “No new knowledge can be extracted from this telling.”

  4. Oh dear God, look at those hip dips. I was amused enough by the Bush pic to begin with, but those abs were just a whole new level of entertainment.

  5. Okay, that action figure is creeping me out. Who buys those things?

  6. Wow: that last picture…I’m with Andi…

    When I posted my review of “The X in Sex,” I got 900 hits in one day. lmao That’s going to be my next hint on a blogging advice meme…if you want more traffic, try to incorporate sex (in an innocent, bookblog way) into your posts as much as possible. 😀

  7. I’ve got to read this book. Someday.

    I get a lot of hits because of my blog title.

  8. that first picture is hilarioussss
    love it!
    I have this book on my shelf and haven’t gotten around to reading it yet.
    I’m almost done the book I’m reading but after that I’m going to read an issue of Granta Magazine my boyfriend bought me as a gift. I find it difficult to choose what the heck I’m going to read next. I’ve been trying to find a system. The last time I just kind of closed my eyes and grabbed a book.
    Oh and another thing! That picture of Christian Bale is gross! I really dislike super ripped guys. I’m more of a lover of skinny guys than muscular-ness. It makes me cringe to see all that ripply-ness!

  9. Andi–Yes indeed, I’d sure like to dip into those hips. Good Lord!

    fyrefly–Need you ask? Look at how crazy this country has become. Maybe we’ve always been this way. It’s scary, for sure.

    Eva and bybee–sex sells, I guess, even on free sites like ours. I guess I’m going to have to sex this blog up a bit! And yes, Eva, every time I look at those hip dips I get all shivery!

    Steph–grab this book and read it because I want to hear what you think. One of my friends likes her men skinny like you do. I think Christian looks fantastic–I’m not all THAT picky though, skinny works, especially if it’s a “dangerous” skinny. Know what I mean?

  10. I did a test on my blog, once. I wrote “Sex, Britney, Paris” and all sorts of other “key words” I thought would bring people to my blog for the wrong reasons. Then, I looked at my stats and for the entire 24 hours I had that post up my hits were about books. Nothing but books. I was just ridiculously pleased. It could be because I’ve been around long enough to mention a *lot* of titles, though!

  11. Nancy, that’s intriguing. I might have to try something similar someday. When I look at the search terms that bring people to my blog, they’re pretty dull.

    Hey, this is really strange! I just went and checked my stats, and yesterday, Clive Owen tied Christain Bale for the 2nd greatest number of hits. Now I’m going to have to blog about “Children of Men.”

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