Posted by: chartroose | September 30, 2008

Surfer Dude’s Guess That Gnarly Gnovel #5

Hey, all you dunzo readers of chartroose’s most excellent book blog, I’m back!  I’ll bet you missed me!  Chartroose was thinking of replacing me with some bogus goose thing, but she’s decided to keep us both (the goose sucks, though).  I’m totally stoked about this, because it means I still have a chance to become her boy toy.  Woot!

The prize is going to be a bit different this time.  The winner will receive this bitchen t-shirt, in a choice of three colors:  fluorescent chartreuse (shown), bright snot yellow or lame-o white.  Sizes range from small to 2x.  As usual, the first correct guesser wins, and you must name the title and author.  Good luck dudes!

Are you ready, my hyper fierce gnar gnar buds?  Here goes:

This totally boglius novel was written about ten years ago.  The story is set in a tiny town in the middle of the country where there are no waves or hot chicks or anything but boring fields all around.  You can’t even do any dune boarding there!  It’s told by a kind of nube-dude; well, he’s not so bad, he’s just a dork.  He’s pretty uncool, and he has this family filled with durfers.  He has a couple of sisters and a mom who is a hugangous swamp donkey.  She sits in front of the tube all day and is always jonesin’ for twinkies and cigarettes.  His brother is a totally retarded brickhead–he can’t help it, but he’s a real tool sometimes.  To break the monotony and the total dokiness of taking care of his brother, the narrator kid has an affair with this kooky older diva, and she becomes all wierded-out and they break up.  He also meets this stellar babe who is traveling through his little town in a camper with her grandmother.  This totally rad girl kind of saves him from himself, and she saves his retarded brother too.  She’s one of the most coolaphonic chicks ever written about in modern literature.  If you haven’t read this totally awesome novel, you really should.  It’s one of chartroose’s fav’s, so you know it has to be good!  She plans to reread it next year.

What is it?  Nuke this as fast as you can, dudes!



  1. Is it What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? by Peter Hedges?

  2. Yes! It IS “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape!” You win! Woo-hoo! E-mail your address along with the size and color to chartroose at yahoo dot com. This is totally sweeettttt because you’re a wooka girl! I’ll bet you have shaggy hair too! Woot!

  3. Okay, now I have to find a copy of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape . . . after I find a tissue. Thanks for making me laugh till I had tears streaming down my face. I’m sure I look really terrific, now. 😉 BTW, where did you find the shirt? I love it!

  4. Nancy–Bibliophile Bullpen sells a bunch of bookish items on cafe press. I’m glad you enjoyed surfer dude!

  5. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape! by…by…oh snaps, I didn’t even know it was a book. I was thrown way off (because a lot of books have retard brothers), but when you mentioned the babe traveling through on camper, I totally dug ya.

  6. TY–Where have you been? I’ve missed you!

  7. I didn’t know this was a novel, but I really enjoyed the movie.

  8. Congrats Jessica! I hope you pick the chartroose, er, chartreuse, color.

    Being away from my regular work station is really interfering with my blog reading!

    I see you’ve got Edgar in the TBR line-up. I’ll be curious to see what you think. It totally sucked me in…I was surprised, because it could moonlight as a door stop, it’s so heavy.

  9. Softdrink didn’t win? Say it ain’t so…

  10. How could I be 9th to comment! and I KNEW this one. darn. LOVED the movie.

    Guess, I better brush up on the stalker handbook.

  11. Yeah, bybee, the book surprised me in a very pleasant way. The author writes screenplays now. This was his first novel.

    Jill–I was shocked you weren’t right on this. Damn work! Why does it always have to get in the way of our fun? I’m going to try to visit your blog at home tonight. Maybe I can actually write a comment without being blocked. Damn computers!

    Don and Care–both of you will have to start stalking me now! I like doing it this way because it’s so random, which makes it more fun for surfer dude.

  12. Thanks for having such a fun contest (and such a fun reward)!

  13. Coolaphonic. Hmm. So much better than being merely cool.

    Surfer Dude is cute enough but I was really hoping for a hip dip cut abs picture of Clive Owen today.

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