Posted by: chartroose | October 10, 2008

The “I Read More Than Anyone Else Because I Don’t Have a Life” Giveaway

Now that it’s the tail end of Buy a Friend a Book Week, I’ve decided to award a little book prize to one lucky winner.

The winner of this contest must have read more books this year than any other entrant.  (So far, I’ve read about 30 books, which seems totally pathetic compared to most other bloggers out there).  If you think you’ve read more books than your fellow bloggers, leave a comment, and I’ll go look at your reading statistics on your blog.  If you don’t keep reading statistics, then you’re not OCD enough to enter this giveaway anyway!  Novellas and short stories will not be counted.

If you really, really want to win this, I suppose you can make up a bunch of statistics and hurriedly construct a blog page that lists around 500 bogus books and be declared the winner, but if you do this, you’ll go to HELL because you’re a CHEATER, and cheaters never prosper!  (Well, actually, they often do, but we won’t go there).

The winner gets to choose a novel worth $25.00 or less from any online bookstore (i.e. Amazon, Borders, etc.).  I’ll purchase it and have it delivered to you.  There will also be a consolation prize, but that will remain a secret until after the winner is chosen.

I will announce the winner at noon on Tuesday, Oct. 14.  The consolation prize winner will be chosen then too.  Good luck!

Addendum:  Many of you have questions about what counts and what doesn’t, so I’ll try to explain this a bit more.  I’ve always consided novellas to be little books of less than 150 pages, so I’m going to keep thinking about them that way.  I don’t think there are many novellas out there, so I don’t think we have to worry about them anyway.

Any other books except for poetry collections and graphic novels (since they are much easier to whiz through) will be counted, and this includes non-fiction and short story anthologies (unless those books are less than 150 pages in length).

I realize that some books are harder to read than others.  I don’t think there are many people who read tons of teen books entering this contest, so I don’t believe I’ll have to face the dilemma of  whether or not to pick someone who has read the Harry Potter series twelve times this year over someone who reads Joyce and Tolstoy.  If this does present a problem, I’ll take it into consideration, and perhaps do a page count to make sure the outcome is fair.

I’m going to take a close look at the top contenders’ statistics before choosing the winner.  It should prove to be very illuminating! 



  1. Well, I don’t keep reading statistics exactly (not on my blog, anyway, I use a spreadsheet). However, I just started my blog at the end of February and have posted 108 reviews (only of books I have read since I started the blog, I don’t go back and review old books). Probably some of them are short stories (although they are entire books of short stories, so I think they should be included).

    If anyone’s close I can go and count and take out the few short story collections and young adult novels.

  2. For this, I had to bust out my trusty calculator. This year, I’ve read and completed 74 books (mostly fiction…okay, all fiction).

    I don’t really think I’ll win since I know for a fact that some book bloggers are insane and read like Good Will Hunting on speed. I just like to brag about how OCD I am that I actually kept track of all the books I’ve read this year, organized it by month…which could be found on “Reading Chronology” tab on my blog….and I got out a calculator so I can specifically post this comment).


    On another topic altogether, Chartroose, I love the new look of your blog!

  3. I’ve read 105, but I know that’s pitiful by comparison with a lot of book bloggers.

    Hahaha, love it! You’re right, some cheaters seriously do prosper. But, let’s not think about that. It hurts.

  4. Looks like I won’t win this one, but I’ve read 79 books as of today (my goal is for 100 or more by the end of the year). My OCD stats are here!

  5. I keep monthly stats, but this is the first time I’m adding them all up…163 books! I really have no life 😛 I know that there are bloggers who read even more, though (and I’m not saying they have no lives, just that I don’t :P)

    There are novellas and comics and nonfiction books in there, though. If we count just novels, the number must be lower by about 50. I will count later. I actually meant to keep accurate stats this year, but I’m too lazy.

  6. Yeah, I’m WAY under those super readers, but I’m quite proud of my 67 books since January … esp. since most of them are not short little ones. 🙂

  7. Since you made me go and count I’ll post my number (74) even though it’s nowhere close to the true super readers. Since T Y and I are tied (evidently for no hope in hell of winning) do we get a special prize? 😉

  8. I’m at 122 total books (including audiobooks and non-fiction), but Nymeth’s got me beat by a long shot.

  9. Heh…I’m the lowest of them all so far…only 58 measly books…Hey, at least I have a life! LOL

  10. I’m at a terrible 30. I just find myself spending time doing other things, I guess.

  11. I’ve read 70, so I’m way short of Devourer of Books. I would say that I don’t trust her, but I’ve read each of her reviews and I cannot refute. She is a reading machine and she’s already posted more reviews in less than a year than I’ve written in almost 2 years. I would say this is because I have more of a life, but that’s not the case at all. 🙂 This is a great contest, BTW and the laugh at reading this post felt very good. I love ya and your bloody blog, too. 😉

  12. I think I read 82. So I know I’m not going to win. But you made me go count my stats (not so easy, since I review books I read a long time ago every other day).

  13. I’ve started 66 and finished 59 of them. And I don’t have a life either, but hey, you have to mindlessly watch TV for a certain amount of hours every day. At least I do.

    CHEATERS go to HELL. After they prosper here on earth.

  14. I’ve read 101 books, but when I take out the nonfiction, poetry, short story collections, and novellas, it makes 63 novels. We are only counting novels, right?

  15. i keep track of how many books I read every year. This year I have read so far 196 books. I have the list if you want proof lol! And i”m currently reading 3 at the moment now too.

    This also doesn’t include all the stuff i’ve had to read for grad school…..

  16. So. There’s no way I’ll win. But because I’m really really proud of starting up my reading habits again in spite of also starting university, working part-time and volunteering, i decided to post a comment anyways 🙂
    I know there are so many bloggers who have read SO many, I already see the comments with numbers in the hundreds. I’m in awe!
    But my measly 20 makes me proud 🙂
    20 books! I can’t even believe it! And I’m doing the 24-hour Read-A-Thon next saturday and my family already has bets going to see how many I’ll read! hehe
    Anyways, I do have a page of statistics on my blog.
    And lastlyyyyy kudos to everyone else who’s numbers far surpass mine. I definitely admire you all!

  17. I’ve only read one book, but I read it 57 times. It was one of those “choose your own ending” type books, so it should count – the story was new and fresh each time.
    Just kidding (duh), but I am at 57 (different books). My stats are mental (as am I).

  18. Taking out non-fiction I have a measly 68. And here I thought I was doing so well…..darn!

  19. I’m sitting pretty at 45 – 46 by the end of the weekend. I know I’m not going to win here, but I’m still proud of myself, and I’ve enjoyed most of what I’ve picked up this year.

  20. Okay, so removing comics, non-fiction and novellas, my total is 79. Stats here.

  21. I am currently at 114 books and still going. And I do happen to keep stats, sorta. I have a count at my website and if you really want to look at the list of everything I read, just take a look at my TBR (which is also on my site).

    However, it doesn’t sound like I’m alone with hitting triple digits. Go Us!

  22. Wait, do anthologies count? I count the novel, not the individual stories? I think I’ve read about 6-8 anthologies this year. I had a bunch in my TBR stack.

  23. I’m at 201 total books this year. Hopefully, I’ll get to read The Graveyard Book tonight and make it 202! But I’m not sure how many are novels, since I also read non-fic and short story collections and novellas…let me go count…

    116 novels.

    My Books Read 2008 page

  24. Okay. Um, you want the ones we’ve done blog reviews for right? Well I’ve read over 100 this year (and I do write up a post of what I’ve read every month on one of my blogs) but I’m at least four months behind on my blog reviews so I have about 70 books reviewed blogs at The Movieholic and Bibliophile’s Blog this year (don’t worry I didn’t count the movies, some books series are posted together though).

    Here is my list of books I have read though:
    January (not posted)

    And so far I have read 4 in October: The Ghost and Mrs.McClure by Alice Kimberly, The Witches by Roald Dahl, Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, & The Vampire Shrink by Lynda Hilburn

  25. Okay since it would be a pain to try and figure out how to post all of them for you to check, I wrote up a blog post for you here:

  26. P.S.: I swear I have a life!!! lol

    Now I have even more of a life, though…and now I don’t read nearly as much (at least fun stuff)…so you’re probably right! hehe

    P.S.: is that a picture of you in your sidebar? Because you look a lot like my mom! Craziness! :p

  27. I posted all mine here where you can find them easily:

  28. I know Eva is the book reading champion – must have something to do with those young eyes of hers!

    I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I’d read 64 so far this year. I think that’s about average for me – just a steady eddie sort of reader, I guess.

    Here’s my book stats page:

  29. I’m having my best year, but I’m in the shadow of many of the others. It’s so cool you’re doing this!

  30. I have no idea because I don’t keep stats like that, because I actually DO have a life!! LOL There’s no way I can keep up with some of these Super Readers and I don’t even bother to try!

    Hey I just wanted to mention that if that is YOU in your sidebar, we look very similar! My hair was just like that as a teenager. I’ll have to see if I can find a picture- my mom’s got most of that stuff packed away someplace at her house but I might have one or two somewhere in my home. I’ll let you know if I run across one so you can have a good laugh.

  31. Thanks, everyone, for entering!

    Eva, does your mom live in Colo. Springs? Everyone keeps telling me I have a doppelganger here. Maybe it’s your mother. God, this makes me feel SO old.

    Lisa–that photo was taken 7 or 8 years ago, and my hair is still pretty much that way, with a few minor variations every once in awhile. I really am stuck in the past; it’s just pathetic. Yeah, I do think we look quite a bit alike and even our daughters are similar in appearance. It’s weird, isn’t it?

  32. I’m so sorry I cluttered up your post! You can delete the first two. 😦 Sorry!!!

  33. I have been so busy this year, what with uni and everything that I’ve only read 40 books! (Which is sad coz last year I read about 120 books…) Lol, I know that’s nowhere near what some of the people here have read.(Omg, 201! =D) I’m living away from home and the library here isn’t that great. But I do have a LOT of books on hold at my other library so I can read them for the christmas holidays! 😉 Yay! =D

  34. My mom does live in the Springs! She only just turned 48, so you shouldn’t feel old. :p And I did get to The Graveyard Book so now it’s 117.

  35. I won’t win but it’s been fun to read all these entries! I am proud to say that this is my best year ever in number of books read and attempted.

  36. Just stopping in to cheer for those who have read so many books. I am working on number 70 now so I know I’m not even close! Congrats to all he big readers.

  37. […] around in my Google Reader today (which I haven’t done near enough of lately) and came across Chartroose’s contest. I was too late, as I usually am for contests (a day late and a dollar short…the story of my […]

  38. Wow. I’m not going to win at 53 books but it’s been fun looking back at all my reads.


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