Posted by: chartroose | October 14, 2008

The “…I Don’t Have a Life” winner is…

Deborah from “Books, Movies & Chinese Food,” who has read almost 200 books so far!  Oh, and she’s attending grad school, so she gets to read boring classroom stuff too.  Deborah, are you sure you’re human?  I think you’re a cyborg, or at least a more highly evolved form of human being.  Congratulations–you’ve earned it!  Send me the title of the new novel you want, along with your home address, and I’ll have it shipped to you.  My e-mail: chartroose at yahoo dot com.  Woot!

Now for the consolation prize winner.  I considered many things, like witty comments (this means you, Jill and Don) or other big readers like Nymeth and Eva or just people I wanted to win, which was pretty much all the rest of you.  None of it seemed quite fair, so this pick was totally random.  I drew a number out of my trusty aluminum bowl, and the winner was Devourer of Books!  Here is your prize:

It’s a purse made out of a book!  I just ordered it, so it’ll take a little time to get to me.  As soon as I get it, I’ll send it your way.  E-mail your home address to chartroose at yahoo dot com.  Congratulations, Devourer!

I think shopping is my superpower (athough I’d rather be invisible).  I know it sure isn’t reading!  I found the purse at  She’s got many of these super cute book purses for sale.



  1. woo hoo thank you!! i just sent you an email (2 actually, i forgot my address in the first one) giddy and all!

  2. congrats to the winners!
    and yes I’d say deborah is certainly a cyborg. Or no, an android. Cyborgs are mean.
    Also, that purse is awesome! Where’d you get it from?

  3. yes, the pocketbook (what we call ’em up here in New England, and appropriately, too, in this case) is really neat!

  4. That purse is basically awesome. I’ll shoot you an email with my address.

  5. Congrats to the winners. Where did you find that purse?

  6. Congratulations to Deborah and Devourer of Books! That purse is awesome. And Deborah has super reading powers!

  7. Congrats to the winners!
    Darn! I need to work harder at not having a life so I can win next year’s prize. Maybe I should make it my New Years resolution.

  8. You find the bestest prizes!

  9. Congrats to the winners! Also, many thanks to Deborah for making me feel better about procrastinating on my own dissertation!

  10. What an awesome prize! Congratulations, Jen! This reminds me that I never did make the book purse I was going to… 🙂

  11. Congrats to the winners! I swear, you give out the coolest prizes!!!

  12. Congrats to the winners! That purse is cute. Any chance you can still read the book the purse is made out of? Because that would be really, really handy.

  13. Congratulations to Deborah and Devourer.
    The consolation prize probably wouldn’t have gone with my shoes made of audio books with green covers.
    Thanks for the fun.

  14. Ha! I’m glad I didn’t put my name in the hat (knew better). I’ve only read 50-something this year, and that’s great for me! Call me snail.

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