Posted by: chartroose | October 24, 2008

Jack and chartroose’s Lovecraft Short Story Challenge

Hi everyone!  Jack, the author of ThePickards (which is an amazing and amusing blog, BTW) and I have decided that we are going to celebrate Halloween by rewriting any H. P. Lovecraft short story we choose and posting it on our blogs.  The due date is around midnight on Halloween.  If any of you would like to join us, please do!  We’d love to read your story so we can make fun of it too!

This really is just for laughs, so don’t worry about how literary it is.  In this case, stupid really will reign supreme.  If you decide to participate, leave either or each of us a comment and we’ll make up a list of participants before the deadline.

Cthulhu, Nyarlahotep, Yog-Sothoth and all the other Great Old Ones are eagerly awaiting our masterpieces!



  1. will be busy until wednesday – so have drafted my version of the above post for publication tomorrow (or in about 4 1/2 hours), but probably won’t have a chance to do much before wednesday. Therefore if you want to do any posts/ lists or anything before then, just run with it, and I’ll knock up my copies thereof when I’ve got more time.

  2. Maybe you two should make it a contest and we can vote for the best story? I don’t think I’ll be up to participate since I don’t know any HP Lovecraft. (sad excuse, I suppose – I got a week, shssssshsh.) Good luck and happy horror-writing.

  3. Hey, just wanted to let you know I got Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid in the mail today – thanks again!

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  6. Sadly, I have no idea what you’re talking about, LMAO. Seriously.

  7. Okay, despite having never read a Lovecraft story (that I know of), I am now two paragraphs away from completing my revision of Nyawhateverhotep. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  8. I cannot wait to read your short stories! I’ve never read Lovecraft before. Maybe I should before you bastardize them. 🙂

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