Posted by: chartroose | November 2, 2008

Many, Many Thanks!

There are several people I’ve been meaning to thank for various reasons, but I just keep putting it off or forgetting about it over and over again.  You know how it goes…

Here are the “thankees,” and the reasons I’m thanking them:

Thank you Chris from Stuff as Dreams Are Made On for sending me these: 

I know I won them, but still, woot!

I read When You are Engulfed in Flames in one sitting, and then went on to reread Holidays on Ice.  I need to revisit more Sedaris very soon!

Older daughter’s gigantic Swedish boyfriend tried to sneak out of the house with the little Domo, but I caught him and beat him severely (not really, but it sounds good).  I did have to bribe him to give it back to me by shoving a fistful of french fries into his gaping maw.  He’s like a giant baby bird.  When he opens his mouth, you can see all the way into his gullet.


I’d like to thank Jill at Fizzy Thoughts for sending me two books, even though I only won one of them.  The Lende book is even autographed! 

Jill holds a contest every week where she sends a book from her closet to the person whose comment(s) impress her the most.  Go and make a pithy comment right now because her closet is emptying quickly!


A hugangous thank you to this guy  for playing a huge part in a fantastic dream I had the other day.  I’m still drooling over thinking about it.


A special thank you to Stephanie over at Stephanie’s Written Word for awarding me this: 

A couple of other people have given this to me as well, but I can’t remember who you are.  Whoever you are, thank you very much!


I think one of the boys pictured on my Kool Kidz Klub button has found me.  He’s totally down with my design, which is awesome!  You can visit his website here.  Thanks, Kool Kid!

And, speaking of buttons, I will be making a new one soon.  It’ll probably take me three weeks or so because I’m such a retard when it comes to this kind of stuff.  Be looking for it!


And finally, extra special thanks to Care from Care’s Online Book Club for starting this reading challenge:

I’m incredibly flattered.  This is so sweet of you, Care!  Go check out the details on her site.


I’m sure I’ve forgotten some other thank you’s.  They’ll probably come to me when I’m sleeping (but dreams of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers will always take precedence)!  One last thing before I go, thanks to ALL OF YOU.  If it weren’t for my readers, this blog would be just another boring booklist instead of the living, breathing fully-grown and ocassionally fantastic ( : book blog you see before you today!



  1. Talk about sweet dreams!

  2. The pithier the better, too. I’m still waiting for more comments on my chartroose story. Don’t people appreciate true genius anymore??

  3. That comment about the Swedish boyfriend was the funniest thing I’ve read all day. Thanks for the smile!

  4. hee hee… such fun!

  5. Hi there, to your answer on my blog. By far I would recommend The Little Giant. I have mixed feelings about My Abandonment as I’m about 10 pages from the end. I don’t think the book is easy to like. It’s a bit weird and strange.

    I have completely forgotten my copy of the Geographer’s Library! I scoured it when it was on sale. I need to dig it out and read it! 🙂

  6. I also love David Sedaris. Will have to go look for one of his books that I haven’t read yet (if such a book exists – I might have read them all)

  7. Thank you for the amazing picture of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. So so hot (waves fan over self). Definitely brightened my work day : )

  8. With the roll you were on with those first two sets of photos, I thought you were about to say you won Jonathan Rhys-Meyers from a book blogger. I was definitely going to enter ALL of that blogger’s contests from now on!

  9. Well I’m glad that the gigantic Swede didn’t run off with your Domo! Glad you’re enjoying your gifts 😉

  10. I love David Sedaris, but I quite literally shuddered with joy at the sight of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. Rawwr!

  11. Kathy–Yes, it was one of the best dreams I’ve ever had!

    Jill–I appreciate you! Your story really was true genius, so people have missed out on a possible Pulitzer Prize winning masterpiece. Shame on them!

    Nancy–Gigantic Swedish boyfriend provides hours of entertainment to all he meets. There’s just something about the guy–the way he talks and walks and everything else is just priceless!

    Thanks, Matthew–“The Little Giant” is now on my TBR list.

    Verbivore–I haven’t read “Naked” yet, have you?

    Gigi–The dude has fantastic lips, and the eyes…ahhhh. These types of rare and fantastic dreams should always be treasured!

    Dew–LOL!!! I’m not sure what I’d do with him once I won him, though. There’s only so much passionate lovemaking you can participate in before you have to find something else to keep you occupied. So, after months and months of amazing sex, I’d have to dump the poor guy and break his heart. I just can’t do that to him.

    Chris–The Domo is now hidden because Gigantic Swede is still overly covetous. He says that Nordic folks love anime characters. Who would’a thunk it?

    Andi–I’ll bet Jonathan Rhys-Meyers has some incredible hip dips. Time to troll for shirtless photos!

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