Posted by: chartroose | December 1, 2008

Just to Let You Know…

I have received most of the books for my Christmas giveaways, and I want to keep them all to myself!  I won’t, of course, but some of them look really good.  I keep glancing through Planet of the Apes, wondering if I should read it.  It looks like a fun and easy novel.  (It’s in first person, BTW).  Then there’s Drowning Boy, which seems kind of odd, but interesting.  I would love to read Falling in Love With Natassia, and I’ve never read Don DeLillo, so I’d like to keep his novel as well.  Drats!  It’s not like I even need these books!  I have so many unexplored novels lying around that my little house is bursting at the seams.

I’m afraid I must blame my current book situation on YOU, my fellow bookish bloggers!

You’ve created a monster here!  That’s right, chartroose has become a slavering, covetous, greedy bookaholic who keeps adding more and more books to her towering TBR pile(s) because one (or several) of YOU have recommended that I read them!  And that’s not the worst of it!  I still want more, even though I know I’ll never be able to read everything I want to before I die.  I could live to  be as old as Methuselah and still have a 500 novel wish list.  I think this is a form of mental illness.  Call it what you will: bookaholism, logophilia, tomescence™, bibloiphilia or just plain old book addiction–I’ve got it bad, and I don’t think there’s a cure for it.

Oh well, I guess there are worse things to be addicted to.  At least bibliophilia doesn’t cause cirrhosis or crabs or anything like that.  Book addicts don’t have many reading-induced ailments except for things like failing eyesight and expanding derrieres and paper cuts.  Sometimes, bookaholism can annoy your spouse, but, then, practically anything can annoy your spouse at one time or another, so it’s really no big deal at all.

There, now I feel better!  I’m still going to blame all of you for my disability, though, because that’s the American way.  From now on, my mantra will change.  I used to say: “I never met a man I couldn’t blame.”  Now, it will be replaced with “I never met a blogger I couldn’t blame.”  This seems more logical, doesn’t it?



  1. hahah that’s hilarious, but it’s a very TRUE mantra. I’m with ya! I have a problem, but it’s one I’m happy to have.


  2. Here’s one more for you!

    I’m letting you know that you have won a copy of Arthur and George by Julian Barnes in my books giveaway. E-mail me your mailing address and I’ll send the book out to you. Congratulations, and thank you for participating.

    mattviews at yahoo dot com

  3. Oh ha ha, I would LOVE to read Planet of the Apes! You are too funny.

  4. I guess we’re all mentally ill then.

  5. We are sick, sick people. No doubt about it. But, I’d rather be addicted to books than just about anything else. Love the monster! Am I to blame for any of the books you’ve discovered through blogging? Just curious. I looked in the mirror and saw guilt in the reflection.

  6. I love all of you, even though I shouldn’t because you’re enabling my addiction. Yeah, bermuda, I guess we all are mentally ill indeed! Nancy, I’m absolutely sure that I possess a novel you’ve recommended. I probably haven’t read it yet, though, because I seem to be spending half my time gazing mournfully and longingly at the bookstacks cluttering up my home and wishing I had a reading double to help me out.

    Oh, and Matthew, thanks for Arthur and George! You DO realize that you’re just making my disease worse, don’t you?

  7. I was having a little mini rant over the weekend staring at my TBR bookshelves – mountain high – almost swore off the net – all those fabulous book recommendations – and then I realized – that’s what we’re here for! Too Many Books need company.

    Also – tomescence? OMG, that is FABULOUS.

  8. Speaking of monsters, that cutie Cthulhu is now hanging out with me at work. I’m just waiting for someone to ask me about him.
    Anyways…I love him! Thanks again!

  9. Slavering…greedy…I could live with that.
    Love the pic of you as a multicolored monster. In that pic, your ass doesn’t look really very big.

  10. Nice photo of you reading. I think I saw your lips moving. Oh, well… blame a blogger.

  11. Carrie–tomescence IS good isn’t it? I think I missed my calling as a word-maker-upper. Do you think there are jobs for word-maker-uppers?

    Jill–Cthulhu is a very powerful god. He will protect you as long as you feed him regularly.

    Susan–My ass may not look big in that picture, but you should see it in real life. The dreaded middle-aged spread hath arrived, and it ain’t pretty!

    don–Since you’re a man and a blogger, I’ll blame you twice! I was thinking about you just a little while ago. I’m going to be working on the favorite bands meme, and I’m stuck on “B.” There are so many “B’s” I like that I can’t decide what to choose.

  12. That’s a very cute beastie with his book. I’m victim of the same disease; my book piles and lists just keep growing and growing! Thanks to all the book bloggers! It’s definitely a problem I don’t mind having.

  13. HAAAAA! Tomescence indeed. Sounds drrrrty.

  14. At least this is a good disease! 🙂

  15. Bangles or Bananarama. You can’t go wrong with either.

  16. “At least bibliophilia doesn’t cause cirrhosis or crabs or anything like that.”

    Now I am wondering just what invisible to the eye viruses live on library books! I mean really who knows what people do with those books 😛

  17. Oh, Joanne, you’d be so grossed out! I have a couple of friends who work in public libraries, and they’ve found boogers, blood and semen smearing the pages. Used condoms seem to like to loiter between the pages every once in awhile. Ugh!

  18. Hahha..too funny. I totally feel the same way. 🙂

  19. I blame everything and everyone for my towering TBR pile. Gah!!! It’s killing me and it’s all you book bloggers’ fault (that includes you too, Chartroose). 🙂

    I like knowing that I add to others’ TBR pile, cause you know, misery loves company. 😀

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