Posted by: chartroose | December 17, 2008

Christmas Around the World Quiz

I love to be sneaky like this and award prizes to the first correct responder.  It makes me feel important and powerful, kind of  like Dubya must have felt before reporters started throwing shoes at his head.  You know, no matter how awful the Prez may be, you have to respect his bobbing and ducking abilities!  (I think he’s had loads of practice)   = )

Now, on with the show.  Listed below are some questions about Christmas around the world.  The first person to answer ALL questions correctly in the comments section of this post wins his or her choice of one of the following:

           A)  A $25 electronic gift card


          B) A $25 Library of Congress Shop electronic gift card

Both of these cards can be redeemed instantly with a few clicks of the mouse.

Here is the quiz:

  1. What is Santa’s name in the Chinese language?
  2. What do the Portugese call their Christmas Day feast?
  3. In England, the day after Christmas is called what?
  4. A famous Christmas carol was composed long ago by a priest in Obendorf, Austria.  What was it?
  5. In Hawaii, Christmas starts with the arrival of what vessel?
  6. What is the main Christmas celebration in Mexico called?
  7. In Sweden, a family member delivers presents after dressing up as a ________.
  8. In Greece, St. Nick is the patron saint of what occupational group?
  9. Spanish people play on what playground equipment during the holidays?
  10. In Italy, Christmas presents are opened on January 6th, and are delivered by whom?

Good luck!



  1. 1. shènɡdànlǎorén (I just took an east asian history class but we never talked about santa! I’m going to ask my teacher about the traditions and such)
    2. Well. Christmas is feliz natal. But the feast…’Christmas Feast of the Immaculate Conception’ (had to ask my dad! lol)
    3. Boxing Day! (just like here in Canada!)
    4. Silent Night (my favorite :))
    5. Christmas Tree Ship! (I actually didn’t know this, and didn’t think of it at all. I just kind of took for granted that we have SO many x-mas trees here so they must be everywhere)
    6. Well, there’s the festival of the virgin Guadalupe, I know that for sure. And it’s very important, I think it starts the 12th of Dec. And Christmas Day is La Navidad.
    7. Jultomte is their Santa! I am struggling to pronounce that though.
    8. Sailors, merchants, archers, and children, and students.
    9. Swings! How cool is that?
    10. Befana (or in English Epiphany)

    *crossing my fingers that I got everything right!!!*

  2. 1. Christmas Old Man
    2. Consoada
    3. Boxing Day
    4. Silent Night
    5. Christmas Tree Ship
    6. Navidad (another guess is Las Posadas)
    7. Jultomten
    8. sailors
    9. swings
    10. a kind ugly witch called Befana on a broomstick

  3. N, Steph 6 and 7 aren’t what I’m looking for. Try again!

  4. Heather–
    Steph had #1 right. 7 is still wrong. Maybe I should have worded it differently. Swedes dress up as something OTHER than Santa.

  5. How about this:

    sheng dan lau ren
    Boxing Day
    Silent Night, Holy Night
    The Christmas Tree Ship, aka the S.S. Maui
    las posadas
    Christmas goat
    La Befana

  6. Nope, Jill, I’m looking for another answer to number 7. The rest are right. The presents are handed out by this character on Christmas Eve.

  7. gnome!

  8. more specifically, a gnome riding a goat.

  9. ok #7 is Saint Lucia

    and # 1 I’ll copy from Steph 🙂

  10. Okay, Jill, you win! Woot! What do you want, beauty or intellect?

    Steph and Heather, you win too because I’m a softie. Choose one book you’d like me to buy for you (trade paperback or mass market paperback) and I’ll send it your way.

    Gnome bless us, everyone!

  11. 1. Sheng dan lauw yeh yeh (how you pronounce)
    2. Consoda
    3. Boxing Day
    4. Silent Night
    5. Xmas Tree Ship
    6. las posadas
    7. Santa Claus/Jultotmen
    8. navy
    9. swing sets
    10. Befana the witch

  12. you are TOO COOL! But now I have to make a decision – hmmm, what to choose?! I’ll check my TBR list and get back to you asap. Thanks!

  13. darn it… I just spent like 40 mins at work googling all this stuff only to see that I didnt’ win 😉 lol. It was a fun way to waste my time at work, at least.

  14. I’m feeling particularly dorkish today, so let’s go with intellect.

    Woo-hoo! You’re the best!!

    Do you think they sell gnome hats over at the library of congress?

  15. Heather–
    Choose a book too. I’m feeling mighty generous today…

  16. Hats off to everyone! Feliz Natal!

  17. Ok I’ve made my decision. Rather than choosing a book for myself (since my TBR list is out of control as it is) I’m going to choose a book for kiddo.

    I’d like you to send me Peter and the Starcatchers. It will likely arrive in time for kiddo’s b-day at the end of January; so in effect, you are buying one of kiddo’s gifts for me. Thanks!

    Of course we’ll be reading this one together and it will be reviewed in a Mom & Son Book Club at some point. If he likes it, I’ll buy him the rest of the series and he can start his own book shelf (so far all his books are on a shelf in the living room, but I think I’ll make him one in his room for his “special” books).

    Thanks again Chartroose!

  18. 1. So spot on! Sing Dan Lo Yun (Cantonese) Sheng Dan Lau Ren (Mandarin)

    2. Consoada?
    3. Boxing Day (same as Hong Kong)
    4. Silent Night
    5. The S.S. Maui
    6. Las Posadas (not sure)
    7. Santa?
    8. I have no idea.
    9. My favorite–Swings!
    10. Some witch called Befana (thanks to ex boyfriend who is Italian)

  19. I don’t know a single answer. How sad is that. But it’s fun and informative to read other’s answers 🙂

  20. I’m always too late to the party. 😦

  21. Awwww you’re so nice! 😀
    It was a gnome darn! lol
    Gnomes are creepy….. I wonder what those costumes look like. i think I need to look that up now.
    And…. let me think and I’ll get back to you about the book!

  22. got it! Final Exits by: michael largo
    I’ve been ‘dying’ to read it
    lack of sleep makes me make lame jokes

  23. I’ve been busy at work and just saw this. Here are my (belated guesses):
    1. Crouching Santa, Hidden Claus.
    2. Dinner.
    3. December 26
    4. Silent Night – only in Austrian – composed on guitar because the organ didn’t work (the last part is mostly true).
    5. The canoe from Hawaii 5-O!
    6. I believe it’s pronounced Christo Maso
    7. I really shouldn’t answer this one, due to the possibility of legal action and family embarrassment.
    8. Stalkers and those who break into homes at night.
    9. Sleighs on springs.
    10. UPS

  24. God, Don, this is hilarious! As a prize for being so funny, I’m going to send Hidden Claus (Santa’s illegitimate Chinese brother) your way. He will arrive in LA via a Chinese Junket and entertain you by singing falsetto Don Ho Christmas songs and strumming a pipa. Har!

  25. Actually, that sounds quite entertaining. Thanks!
    In keeping with the international theme, could you make it Jan. 6?

  26. hahaha Crouching Santa, Hidden Claus
    I must tell that to my family immediately.

  27. Please see for a detailed anaysis on the hyderabad quizzing culture.Please do not delete this its gor common good

  28. wait… as in me Heather? Wow how nice of you!
    I need to check my list and get back to you.
    (if you actually meant Heather J, then my apologies! I’ll email you tomorrow when I figure out what book I want if it’s actually ME Heather)

  29. ok, I decided already. I would love The Likeness because I already own In The Woods and that way I’ll have both of her books… so I can read them both in order. 🙂
    I think you still have my address from the last time I won something from you… otherwise email me at and I will tell you.
    again, if you really meant Heather J. then ignore this whole comment…

  30. Wow, I didn’t even know the one about the Christmas Tree Ship! Good thing I have my blogs, otherwise I’d never learn anything about where I live!

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