Posted by: chartroose | December 19, 2008

Christmas Giveaway #1 – Part 5

Alas, this is the last of my Christmas giveaways.  Where has the month gone?  This time, I’ll be giving away THE BIG PRIZE.  If you don’t know what the big prize is, check out my original “5 Days of Book Bliss” post here.  It should bring you up to speed.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a major LOTR fan.  Someday, I may even become brave enough to let you know about my bizarre Lord of the Rings obsessions and habits.  For now, though, it’s enough that I’ll be passing on my obsession to one of you.

These movies are in individual cases, with two DVD’s in each case.  It looks like the third case was chewed on a little bit (perhaps an Orc was hungry), but all discs are in great shape.  I’m secretly hoping that the winner doesn’t claim his/her prize, because then I’ll be able to keep them and view them when my set is worn out.

Here are some photos of the cases:

If you’d like a chance to win these great fantasy films, leave a message in the comments section.  I’ll announce the winner in the afternoon on Tuesday, December 23.  Good luck!



  1. OH, me!!!!! I love LOTR!!! Rock on.

  2. My kids would absolutely flip if I won these – and my dad would be glad to have his grandkids quit asking to borrow his copies. 🙂

  3. I already own these – maybe not quite the same set… I LOVE ’em. You are very wonderful to do this – but go ahead and take my name out of the running. Just wanted to wish all those who DO want these the best of luck.

  4. Okay, put my name down but here’s an idea. If I win, keep the prize but let us all know your bizarre LOTR obsessions and habits in return. Deal?

  5. No need to enter me as I already own these, but I have to say that this is about the most awesome giveaway EVER!! Somebody is about to have a very merry Christmas!

  6. Ring me, please.

  7. I’d like to enter. 🙂

  8. I have yet to see any of the LOTR or Star was movies. Just thought I would tell you that. Don’t enter me though. I don’t know what it is, but I just have this aversion to creatures.

  9. Have I ever mentioned my bizarre obsession with Orlando. I need these DVDs. Doesn’t matter that my kids love these books and movies. I need them.!

  10. Please enter me in your drawing. You are such a sweetheart to do this! I have never seen the movies (go figure) but I have read the books and loved them.

  11. I love your site! Just found it 🙂 I wouldn’t mind this prize, I only have one of these films (but a few versions of the books!)…

    Prize possession provides pleased people! Granting gifts gives glowing gladness … 😉

  12. this gets better every week. You are doing such a great job!

  13. I would love to win these as (gasp!) I haven’t seen any of them!

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