Posted by: chartroose | December 22, 2008

Announcing The Ha-Ha Winner!

A big, jolly ho-ho
Goes out to
Who won The Ha-Ha.
Now I can say rah-rah!
Isn’t this apropos?
(I think I should just let it go).

But then again, no, oh no!

It’s Jo-Jo a-go-go!
She must have good mojo.
Jo, you’ll like The Ha-Ha,
It’ll make you sing fa-la-la!

(Good grief)!

Jo-Jo, I love your blog–it’s awesomely pink.  Are your signature colors “bashful” and “blush?”  (Betcha can’t guess the movie that mentions “b” & “b”).  Also, your P. G. Wodehouse comment is priceless!  Please e-mail your address to chartroose at wordpress dot com.  Congratulations!



  1. Yoo-hoo.
    I think you made a boo-boo.
    No, no,
    It’s not Jo-Jo.
    It’s Jill.
    (Who’s just being a pill.)

    Congratulations Jo-Jo. Really. No hard feelings. 😉

  2. As usual, you made me laugh. Congratulations to Jo-Jo!

  3. Congratulations, Jo-Jo!

  4. isn’t bashful and blush from Steel Magnolias?! LOL

  5. Jill–Haven’t you gotten enough from me already? Jeez!

    Kathy–Your time will come, I promise!

    Carrie (aka spawn of Cthulhu) — I just commented on your blog.

    Yes, Heather, it is from “Steel Magnolias!” Smarty pants.

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