Posted by: chartroose | January 9, 2009

My 2009 Reading Resolutions

We all make them–the problem is sticking to them!

1.  I will, without exception, stop reading a book I’m not enjoying by the 50th page (or earlier).  Last year, on several book blogs, I bragged about how I’m so good at setting aside lousy novels, and then I go and struggle through Edgar Sawtelle for practically an entire month.  I’m such a liar!  I won’t be caught fibbing about this again, though.  NOT EVER AGAIN! 

2.  I will continue to expand my horizons and occasionally read novels from other countries.  My goal:  3 or more by December 31, 2009.

3.  I will set aside at least an hour a day for reading.  Lately, I’ve been so busy geeking-out on the computer that there have been days when I haven’t read anything at all.  Once again, I prevaricated when I told my fellow book bloggers that I must read for a little while each night before falling asleep.  This myth was dispelled a couple of weeks ago when I nodded off in front of the keyboard (perhaps with my left index finger on the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz button).  I stumbled off to bed without having read a single word all day.  Shameful!  Disgusting!  If I don’t watch it, I’m going to lose my brain and become an ardent “Dancing With the Stars” fan.  I’ll start watching reruns of “The Beverly Hillbillies” and fantasize about Jethro.  I’ll begin to say “y’all” and “aint” all the time, and I’ll start chewin’ ‘baccy and picking my teeth with matchbook corners.

4.  I will read more poetry and attempt to write thoughtful, semi-literate posts about it.

5.  I will try to get through every TBR book piled up at home and on my Kindle before committing to any time consuming blogging challenges or other hefty reading related tasks.  Reading and blogging should never seem like work.  If they do, then I’m doing something wrong. 

Now, for a personal hygeine resolution:  I really will stop picking my teeth with matchbook corners.     



  1. Great resolutions! I’m going to stop reading a book that I just don’t like too! Is that your cat in the picture?

  2. Now looka chere! What’s wrong with “The Beverly Hillbillies”??? I have a friend who calls me Ellie Mae because strange critters are always showing up at my cement pond.

    Okay, can anyone tell me how to get my tongue out of my cheek?

  3. First and foremost, the kitty is absolutely adorable! Secondly, I love this idea of creating book resolutions. I think I’ll snag it and create my own!

  4. Love the pic!

    Those are some good resolutions. I should get better about quitting books, too.

  5. I just set aside my first book of the year today–after 25 pages. I don’t feel too bad as it is a library book. And I’m totally with you on wanting to read more books in translation!

  6. Your resolution #3 is my #1 resolution this year, and for pretty much the same reason. Sometimes the activities surrounding book blogging take up more time than books do, and I want to shift that this year. So far, I’m not off to the best start, but at least I’ve acknowledged the problem :-). Good luck with your plans!

  7. I need to cut down on computer time too. :/ But really, I think I need to cut down on reading time a bit, lol. I’ve been quite hermit-like the past week and a half (I tend to cycle), so I need to start geting out more again!

  8. awesome resolutions. The first one is very essential but equally difficult to follow as well.

    Cutting down on comp time is something i have been trying to do, but I think I spend around 15-16 hours on it each day, at work and at home, should concentrate more at reading.

    All the best with your resolutions!!!

  9. I can usually manage an hour of Reading a day,although this doesn’t balance the three hours I spend on the wii.

    I’m currently trying to get my cat to sleep on the computer monitor but he won’t do it. Any tips?

  10. sometimes I need more than 50 pages to get into a book,especially if it’s a big chunky old (or old style) book.But it’s never too late or too early I’d say, it depends on you and the book!

    ps: i want a kitty sprawled on my laptop too!!

  11. But matchbooks covers are so effective on those chunks of cracked black pepper. . . 🙂 Good luck with your great resolutions!


  12. I’m totally with you on reading more and spending less time on the computer. And also about setting aside books I’m not enjoying — I’m so very bad at that!

  13. Cute pic 🙂
    I need to spend more time reading/less on the computer as well. I’ve let entire days slip by without cracking a book more than once.

  14. I’m on board for #1 – no more punishing myself with crap books.

    I also fully planned to cut back on computer time (surfing or online gaming) and do more reading, which is going halfway great. But I just traded off – instead of using the internet I’m addicted to my xmas gift- a PS3. So my reading still suffers lol!

  15. I also resolve to read books from other countries. Maybe we can encourage each other…

  16. I said I was gonna cut down on computer time, but I’ve been here off and on all day. I think perhaps I need re-read my resolutions!

  17. Why in the hell would you stop using matchbook covers? If it works, it works! 🙂

    I am in agreement with all of your goals – except one – poetry. It’s just not for me. I took several poetry classes through undergrad and grad school trying to force myself into love with it. No dice. I like wordiness I suppose. 😉

  18. If we cut down on work time, we could spend more time reading AND on the computer. Really, it’s the only solution.

  19. That is a seriously darling kitty.

    I’m trying to cut down on computer time too. My book reading really has suffered from it.

    Giving up on a boring book is a good idea. I bet we both still slog through some.

    Picking your teeth w/matchbook covers is not as bad as leaving dental floss all over the house.

  20. Good luck with the teeth picking – I hear those matchbooks are awfully delicious! Let me know what good poetry you find out there – reading more poetry is one of my goals, too!

  21. Great resolutions! I’m done with punishing myself with books I don’t like, too. I’m reading what I want to read in 2009!!

    I’d get a lot more reading done if I turned the computer off now and then.

  22. Golly gee, everyone, these are great responses!

    Kathy–No, the cat isn’t mine. If he were my demon spawn cat, he wouldn’t be draped so beautifully over the monitor. Instead, he’d be sprawled across the keyboard with evil intent, daring me to even try to get near those keys! My fingers would end up as bloody stumps. If my cat could type, he would write something like: “All humans and other inferior life forms MUST DIE IMMEDIATELY!”

    Cathy–I can still hear Granny’s voice in my head, sayin’ “Ellie May done popped the buttons off her shirt ag’in! That show gave me nightmares. I must visit your blog and see how Ellie Mayish you REALLY are.

    Chris–Yeah, create your own resolutions and then I can read ’em and we can compare notes.

    Amy–Your comment reminds me of Brokeback Mountain, when Jack Sharp says, “I wish I could quit ewe, Ennis.” I’m going to have to make an “I wish I HAD quit you” icon for bad books we just keep on reading!

    Danielle–What was the book? I need to avoid it.

    Florinda–The computer is like heroin, and almost as hard to quit. Doesn’t it seem unreal that those of us in our 30’s and older grew up totally without them?

    Eva–I’m glad you’ve been reading a lot, because when you read a lot, you blog a lot. I was missing your blog when you were all busy with school and your new guy friend and everything. I’ve made up a special rule just for you: forget school and friends, blogging should always be a priority!

    Violet–It will be a huge struggle to wean ourselves off the computer. Maybe we should start sneakily reading more at work.

    Stephen–I don’t have a wii, but I do have World of Warcraft. Once you fall into the Warcraft abyss, it’s pert near impossible to claw your way out of it.
    Alcohol usually works very well in regards to making our feline friends fall asleep in cutesy and unusual places.

    Valentina–I figure there will be a few slow starting novels that I’ll quit reading too soon, but I think the majority of these draggy books never get off the ground from start to finish. I’m stickin’ to the plan.

    Lezlie–I especially like matchbook covers for digging out those pesky little popcorn husk thingys that invariably get stuck–sometimes for days–while eating popcorn at the movies. Do you know what I’m talking about?

    Dorothy–I’m already starting to have doubts about whether I’ll be able to “just say no” to the computer. Someone should invent a computer alarm that screams annoyingly after a person has been on it for several hours. If that same person tries to get on it again, it’ll shriek some more. What do you think?

    Maree–I’m glad I’m not the only one who needs geek rehab. I’ve always been proud to be a reader, and now look at me! Instead of thinking in words, I’m thinking in pixels. An hour a day, girl; an hour a day.

    Oh, Joanne–I love you! Thank goodness I’m not the only book blogger who is a gamer too. Non-gamers just don’t don’t understand how really awful it is to be away from one’s chosen virtual fantasyland for more than a day or two. We suffer severe anxiety if we aren’t allowed to access our preciousss gamesess on a daily basis.

    Susan–Yes, let’s encourage each other. Next on my list is “White Raven” from Poland. I’ll let you know what I think.

    Lisa–It’s so hard to stay away from the computer, isn’t it?

    Jen–My sister can’t get into poetry either. She feels that it’s “bad grammar,” which, when you think about it, it is (just like this sentence). I still like it, though.

    Jill–I cut down on work time every day while I’m at work. I’m writing this at 3:15 on a Monday afternoon on my spiffy new work computer. I just pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that the powers-that-be never find this blog!

    Carrie–I leave dental floss laying around too. My Pekingese loves it. He must have the cleanest canine teeth in the West!

    Chelsea–I’ll post about the poetry. Have you read any good poems lately?

    Now, time to read!

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