Posted by: chartroose | January 16, 2009

The winner of Popular Music From Vittula Is…

Care!  Good, because I’m going to hold the book hostage until she sends me her dog.  I was feeling guilty the other day about neglecting Care because we’ve been friends pretty much from the beginning of our blogging careers.

So, here ya’ go Care.  Now I don’t have to feel guilty about you for awhile.  I guess this means I should be congratulating both of us!  I may have your address, but e-mail it in case I don’t:  chartroose at yahoo dot com.

P.S., sorry I’m late with this drawing.  I plum forgot!



  1. yay! Congrats Care 🙂

    ps. writing to tell you that I got my prize in the mail!! Thanks so much, you are super sweet. Thanks for hosting such great giveaways.

  2. Congratulations, Care!

  3. Hooray!

  4. Congrats! And I wanted to let you know that I recv’d Peter and the Starcatchers – THANK YOU!!!

  5. crap! I won? this is the perfect time to announce that I’ve incorporated the Stalking-Chartroose challenge to include this book. and Handful of Dust and a few others…

    You can see my email on this comment – behind the scenes, right?

    Love Jill’s new picture, don’t you? so many happy shining faces here…

  6. Wahoo for Care!

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