Posted by: chartroose | January 30, 2009

Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me

I was tagged for this meme by Shannon, who resides over at Books Worth Reading.  Shannon is one of the first book bloggers I discovered during my blog’s infancy, and she’s one smart and perceptive gal.  She used to be a professional writer, so her posts are extra good.  Go take a look!

Here goes:

1.  I love old muscle cars, especially Firebirds and Mustangs, and I dream of owning a Roadrunner Superbird. 

 As soon as my invisibility superpower kicks in (it should be any day now), I’ll rob a bank so I can afford to plunk down $200,000 for a pristine yellow/black model.  If I can’t find a Superbird, then this measley little Viper will have to do:  


2.  I have recurring dreams that I’ve experienced since childhood about riding on elaborate roller coasters.  The roller coasters have different track and car configurations, but they’re always rickety and often end up malfunctioning and flying backwards at unusually high rates of speed.  These dreams should be frightening, but they’re not.  They’re very exhilirating and fun!


3.  I wanted to be a police officer until I started going on ride-alongs with cops from a suburban Denver police department.  I was so turned-off by the rude, crude and socially unacceptable behavior of some of these guys that it soured my opinion of law enforcement forever.  I’m sure there are good cops out there.  Maybe they live in Poughkeepsie.


4.  I love to be alone and I often wonder how much alone time it would take before I became really lonely.  A month?  Two?  Probably more like two days  ( – :  


5.  I deplore barbeque.  The smell alone makes me gag, and the taste of barbeque sauce is indescribably heinous.


6.  I learned to ride a tricycle before I learned to walk.  I guess I’ve always been into wheels.


7.  If I were able to live my life over again, I’d never marry.  I’m definitely not the marrying type, although I wouldn’t say no to Orlando Bloom.  By the way, I’m expecting his proposal any day now, along with the timely activation of my invisibity superpower so I can surprise him with a newly refurbished Superbird.  On our wedding day, Orlando and I will drive off into the sunset in our tricked-out Roadrunner, merrily honking its original “meep meep” horn as the sun’s last rays glint enticingly on its majestic spoiler.   Ahhh, what a pretty picture!  Who said I wasn’t sophisticated?  I’ll bet you’re eating your words now!

If you’d like to do this, feel free.

As an added bonus, one lucky person will get Orlando for free too!  I’ll send an Orlando mini “read” poster (11 x 17) to one commenter.  This is an excellent picture of Orlando.  It’s hanging on my office door.  

(It says “Orlando Bloom @ your library”)

The winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday, February 4th.  Good luck!



  1. So, you were the invisible person next to Orlando Bloom in that picture I saw!

  2. I savor my alone times, too. Sometimes I’m afriad it makes me weird, to enjoy solitude. There must always be books in that solitude, though.

  3. […] question about the words “urban” and “multicultural.”This week I met Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me – 01/30/2009 I was tagged for this meme by Shannon, who resides over at […]

  4. Those are great looking cars! I like the really beefy muscle cars – my mom had a 68 Cobra. I’m also fond of early camaros.

    I like being alone to, I’m comfortable with solitary activities. Sometimes being around people just bugs me for no reason.

    Orlando Bloom eh? A close friend of mine was convinced she was Bloom’s soul-mate – until she discovered he was only 5’11” 🙂

  5. Very fun! The only recurring dream I’ve had since childhood involve snakes…and it’s definitely not fun or exhilirating!

  6. I’m sure Orlando will share your dreams of old muscle cars 😉

    You two will make a great bookish couple, I think.

  7. I would love to ride your roller coasters. They sound like fun.

    Far be if from me to get between you and your soulmate! Although I do like his slogan.

    Maybe most booklovers like solitude. It makes a certain amount of sense. I consider myself a social hermit.

  8. You could do worse than to dream about riding roller coasters – that sounds like fun! I wish Orlando Bloom really was at my library – I’d probably go there more instead of spending all my hard-earned money on yet more books I don’t have time to read.

    P.S. I keep meaning to tell you that I received the packages with the Falling books and I’m so psyched about them and thanks again.

    P.P.S. That’s cool how Bermudaonion can see invisible people – is that like some sort of anti-superpower? 😉

  9. Being alone is enjoyable. I can get a lot more reading done without the distractions.

    Orlando is nice. He’s no Matthew McConaughey though.. 🙂

  10. Awww, Chartroose, your unsolicited comments about me just made my day. Thanks for playing! I think you’re a pretty great writer too, and much funnier than I could ever be.

    By the way, I like to be alone too. It takes me approximately 3 full days to get lonely.

  11. I went on ride alongs with cops too!! I wanted to be a police officer for a long time as well. I loved my ride along. The reason I didn’t become a police officer, well, I don’t really know. Once my brother joined the army somehow it made me not want to be in any sort of dangerous work anymore.

    Now I couldn’t do it, I’d have to shave my dreads! 🙂

  12. What fun answers! I had a smile on my face from beginning to end. Can’t wait for your posts once you’ve got the invisibility superpower! 😀

  13. Oh, my daughter LOVES to read and thinks Orlando Bloom is cute, so I would love to win this poster for her!

  14. Mmmm. You’re gonna share Orlando?

  15. I must get a copy of that Orlando poster for myself! I have enjoyed looking at that man ever since he entered my radar as an elf. This world needs more eye candy.

  16. Would it make you sad if I told you that I totaled my first car, a 1977 firebird? It made me sad! My driver’s side door held up pretty well against the back corner of the semi though, so I was pretty lucky.

  17. What a fun meme! I like my alone time too. I can put up with quite a bit of it, although there are a few people I’d rather have around.

    Also: Orlando Bloom? He is gorgeous. I need to get my hands on … that poster. 😉

  18. Oooo Orlando is very cute! I’d have to put the poster in my daughter’s room though but I’d visit it often!

  19. The only way that could have been better was to have Orland posing on top of one of those muscle cars while reading a book!
    *ahem*preferably topless*cough*

  20. Here’s my dream car!!! But, of course, in purple metallic paint:

  21. Shoot, everyone else already wrote all the good lines. I will say I’m not surprised about your taste in cars (although I have no idea why). I want your roller-coaster dreams. My recurring dreams used to involve sliding down very, very steep hills backwards Unfortunately, they were never fun. Now, I dream I live in ridiculously huge houses with three kitchens and mysterious extra rooms with tons of air space — houses the size of malls. I know it’s because I feel squished into my stupid little house, but I still wish they’d go away.

  22. I always thought that manner of cops need to be more refined and polished. To me some of them are brutes who just happen to be on the other side of the fence.

  23. Fun post! I’m especially fond of fast muscley cars myself. Good choices!

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