Posted by: chartroose | February 6, 2009

I’m Taking the “A” Train!

Trish over at Hey Lady… posted a meme a couple of days ago.  After reading her fun responses, I asked if I could participate.  The rules are simple:  choose 10 favorite things beginning with a single letter of the alphabet and explain why you like them.  The only catch is that the letter is assigned to you by the person who wrote the post you’ve just read.  I’m really glad Trish didn’t give me “X” (although x-ray vision is pretty cool, don’t you agree)?  Instead, Trish, in all her awesomeness, assigned me the best letter in the entire alphabet, “A”!  A is number one, A is what you strive for in school, A is the shiznit!  Thank you Trish.  It’s terrific to know that you think I’m the best.  I think you’re the greatest, too!

Here are my favorite “A’s”, in no particular order:

1.  Authors – This goes without saying, doesn’t it?  Sometimes I think I should have gone into the book biz on the publishing end instead of on the library side, because I have the highest respect and admiration for these people.  To be able to write a novel that touches readers and has the ability to change their perceptions in some way is incredible to me, and I bow my head in admiration to my favorites, like this one: 


  and this one:   

and this one:      

and this one : 

and many, many others.


2.  Animals – I appreciate all animals, and not just the cute ones, (but the cute ones are great, aren’t they)? 


I give to animal-related charities and I have a whole dog and cat menagerie at home.  The charity I donate to the most is the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, because gorillas are becoming more endangered every day.    It will be horrible if these magnificent creatures are totally destroyed because of our greed and/or apathy.  I’m very hippy dippy about animals!


3.  Art – If I were rich, I’d be a great collector and I’d build a beautiful gallery on my gazillion acre wildlife refuge.  My gallery would feature paintings from the greatest artists: 














My gallery would be the most relaxing place on the planet, with little reading nooks and sunny plant-filled areas.  And, just a few steps away from my gallery, there would be an

4.  Aquarium – I love the oceans and the wonderful creatures that swim in their waters, don’t you?  I’m especially fond of rays and octopi.  Did you know that the octopus is super smart?  Octopi in captivity often get bored and wreak havoc in their enclosures.  A German aquarium houses Otto the octopus.  Otto  has been caught juggling hermit crabs when he’s bored.  He sometimes rearranges his living area, and he really caused a problem last year when he squirted water at the light shining into his tank and shorted out the aquarium’s electrical system. 


5.  Amusement Parks – About 6 or 7 years go, Older Daughter and I drove to Ohio so that we could go on the (then) tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world.  It’s called the Millenium Force, and it’s at Cedar Point in Sandusky. 

We went at the beginning of August.  The day was so humid and the coaster was so fast that we both blacked out for a second coming off the first drop.  It was an incredible and scary experience, and I’d love to do it again.  Here are some other coasters I’ve gone on:



Here are some others I’d like to try:   (The longest, Japan) 

(The coolest, England)


6.  America – I love my country, and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else (except Scotland, which I can’t afford anyway).  Americans are great most of the time.  I just wish we’d get our crap together now and get over this narcissistic adolescent phase we seem to be going through.  We need to stop being so self-centered and greedy and start caring for each other.  I need to practice this on a personal level, too.


7.  Adjectives – These words are sparkling, glamorous, powerful, outrageous, dangerous, obnoxious, wonderful, weird, tasty, repulsive, splendid and outstandingly great!


8.  Anthropomorphism – Pooh bear, Winnie the Pooh bear…  Where would we be if we didn’t put human traits on non-human things?  The world (especially the book world) would be much more dull and two-dimensional, don’t you think?  Here are some of my favorite anthropomorphic books and literary figures:




9.  Amethysts – Is there any color more beautiful than this? 



10.  Artichoke Hearts  – I like the expensive marinated kind that you buy in tiny glass jars.  These delicious little vegetable delicacies are swimming in heavy oil and they slide down your throat with such decadent and delicious ease that you feel wicked every time you eat one.  Yum!


If you’d like to participate in this meme, leave a comment and I’ll assign you a letter.  I promise that it won’t be one of the hard ones, like “Z”!



  1. Ooooh, best answers ever!!! Okay, now I want to join in. I’m with you on amethysts, artichoke hearts, art, authors and cute animals, btw. I love your artwork. It’s upbeat yet constrained. Perfect for a minimalist household.

  2. Great list! I love that you included Johnny Depp in the animals category. I like the old fashioned kind of roller coasters – I don’t like the kind where your feet dangle. Trish gave me the letter P – I should have my post up tomorrow.

  3. Santa Cruz Boardwalk has the best roller coaster EVER.

    I love that you included Johnny Depp in the animal category too.

    No, not Monet!! But only because I pay tons of money to gave vision that’s NOT Monet-like. 🙂

  4. Have vision. Not “gave” vision. Gah. Letters.

  5. Great pic of Johnny. You’re mush braver than I – love to watch the Roller Coasters, too scared to ride. Tag me, please!

  6. Much braver – should read b/4 posting :-0

  7. Ummm, Elmo would like to point out that you forgot Elmo.

    I love roller coasters, but I don’t like heights. The Santa Cruz Boardwalk coaster that Carrie mentioned is great fun, but it might be a little tame for you. That tall one makes my palms sweat!

  8. I agree with all of your A’s – though I must admit, I am not a fan of Winnie the Pooh’s (I know, I am pretty sure I’m the only one who feels this way).

    Looks like you really had a lot of fun with this.

  9. millenium Force is the best rollercoast I ahve ever been. And I’ve been on lot. Too funny!

    I love the amethysts… and I love the art (I was so excited to see the Bierstadt – one of my personal faves…)

  11. I’m right with you on most of your list (aquariums and amusement parks are near the top of my favorites list) but artichokes?! *blech*

    As for art, I’d definitely hang a Chartroose in my house. 🙂

  12. What a great list! How about some art painted by elephants to hang in your gallery? It sort of ties in with your love of anthropomorphism, animals, and art?

  13. Oops-“animals, and art.” not “animals, and art?” LOL-I guess we’re all in a hurry to comment on your fun post!

  14. Awesome list! I loved the factoid about Otto the octopus – Octopus and squid scare the life out of me (too cthulian) but I find it so entrancing to watch moving in the water. Each appendage moves with grace.

    I’m with you completely on wanting to own beautiful artwork, except for the Monet. I adore his Parliament Houses painting but the flowery stuff, as gorgeous as it is, reminds me too much of the dentist’s office.

  15. Fabulous letter meme, Chartroose! I really enjoyed it. I can’t say I like amusement parks and the rides you showed made me shudder, but my nieces and sister went last summer to Cedar Point and had a fantastic time there. Art *sigh* I dream of owning art!!! and thank you for making anthropomorphism cool again!!! I liked watership Down! and alway, authors and animals….

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