Posted by: chartroose | February 11, 2009

Surfer Dude’s Guess That Gnarly Gnovel # 7

Sup, dudes?  Get ready, ’cause I’m totally amped for this one!  Chartroose, my favorite quantum maja, has come up with a freakin’ tight scoop this time.  Today’s winner will receive this pimpin’ shibby messenger bag: 


Isn’t it one of the most cooleoleol bags you’ve ever seen in your life?  If you’d like to try to win this, the rules are simple:  just guess the title and author of the book I’ll be explaining and write your response in the comments.  The first correct answer wins! 

Here is my synopsis of the novel: 

This book is about an abandoned (because she is a meanie) woman and her three grown kids: two brothers and a sister.  All of them are, like, totally messed-up.  The oldest son is always gankin’ his younger brother and is jealous that his mother loves him more.  (He despises his younger brother so much that he stole his fiancee away from him years before).  The younger dude is a gentle soul, and he’s also a feeder:  he tries to bring all the haters in his family together through food.  Their baby sister doesn’t eat and takes antidepressants and goes from one zaboob relationship to another.  None of them are happy, especially the mother, who bites it near the end of the book.  The father comes back to see his kids once more, and they all reach a kind of peace with each other.  Even the oldest brother, who is a total tool, forgives his father for leaving them.  This sad, but totally coolaphonic novel won several literary prizes, and was nominated for a really big one.  Chartroose thought it should have won the big one, and she also thinks that it’s the most gnarly novel written by this particular author.

Here are some extra hints:  the author is female and the novel was written about 25 years ago.  Also, the mother is named after a round iridescent sand deposit thingy.

Be the first to write the title and author and win the awesome prize.  Good luck, dudes!



  1. I am no good at these … so sorry, no guess from me today.

    But I DO want to know where in the heck you found that bag!!!

    I’ll stop by later to see who wins … and to see where the bag came from. 🙂

  2. I don’t know this one. 😦
    But I can’t wait to see what book it is and who the brilliant literature-lover is who gets it right.

  3. Is it Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant
    by Anne Tyler?

  4. Yes, Janicu, it IS “Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant.” Excellent!!!

    Are you a new book blogger? I’m going to have to check out your site.

    Please send your snail mail address to chartroose at yahoo dot com.


  5. Heather, the bag is sold at this address:

    There are all kinds of cool gifts in there.

  6. great, thanks! I’m off to check it out right now.

  7. Oh, man – Janicu beat me to it! Great game, though.

  8. I didn’t know this but will add the book to my wishlist now.

  9. For once I actually guessed right! But was a bit slow to the finish line. 🙂

  10. Well, I think “Searching For Caleb” was her gnarliest, but “Dinner” is pretty rad too. And so is your blog.

  11. Hey Robert, I haven’t read “Searching for Caleb.” This oversight will have to be amended ASAP!

  12. Hi! Sending a note now! I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half now, so relatively new. 🙂 I’ve been lurking here..

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