Posted by: chartroose | February 12, 2009

A Few Snippets…

I am no longer reading White Raven.  The novel is okay–it was a bestseller in Poland, but I think something was lost in the translation.  The sentences are short and choppy, and they don’t seem to fit together very well.  I’m proud of myself because I’m sticking to my resolution that I won’t continue reading a book I’m not enjoying past page 50.  The funny thing is that I feel kind of guilty about this, like I should give it a more concerted effort.  What if it suddenly becomes astonishing?  I’ll never know how great is was because I gave up too soon.  It’s hard to give up on a book unless it’s absolutely horrid.

I’ve been really awful about acknowledging some of the awards I’ve received from other bloggers.  I think I got this one from Joanne because she does the cool poppet stuff:

Joanne, even if you didn’t do this, I’d still like to give you credit for a blog well done.  I love your sparkling wit and snarkiness!  Have you noticed how more and more people are dropping by to see you every day?  That’s the mark of a good blog.

There are a couple of other people who deserve a shout-out:

Kathy @ Bermudaonion’s Weblog, just because I like you!  You nearly always respond to my posts and your remarks are sometimes much more complex than they appear at first.  You have a highly developed brain there, grrrrl!

Rebecca @ The Book Lady’s Blog, because of your generosity and uber-coolness.  Thanks again for sending Phraseology my way.  I’ll be incorporating it into my blog as soon as I can think of a creative way to use it.

Care @ Care’s Online Book Club, because I adore you, and you sent me a valentine.  Happy Valentine’s Day, Care!

And, to Lisa and others of her kind who are forced to cope with teen or preteen angst on a daily basis, this informative and educational video is for you.  I think this is the most practical video I’ve ever seen about parenting teenagers.  Enjoy!




  1. OMG Char THANK YOU for the best laugh I have had all week!!! That’s a little tidbit the parenting books left out, LOL.

    Happy V Day, baby!

  2. I didn’t watch the video because my toddler is in attendance and I think if she saw anything featuring chocolate, she’ll start begging nonstop for some. But I’ll come back and look at it later!

    Sometimes it’s a relief to me to stop reading a book when it’s just not working for me. And this one sounds like it was frustrating for you.

  3. Don’t beat yourself up over not finishing the book! There are plenty of great ones out there waiting for you. Thanks for the shout out – highly developed brain? – you made me laugh with that one. By the way, I loved the video.

  4. Aw, thanks Char! I think you’re uber-cool as well, and after the day I’ve had, this was a great pick-me-up.

  5. Funny, I just posted about abandoning books today. I don’t like to do it either…but I have to, to keep my sanity!

  6. I’m afraid to watch the video at work but I’ll check it out later!

    I have the same problem abandoning a book that’s not grabbing me. And why? Is there a I Finished Every Book I’ve Started award? There isn’t, btw, is there? lol.

  7. That video is hilarious! 🙂

    I’m horrible at abandoning books too (unless they’re audiobooks), so good for you!

  8. Aw shucks! Thanks! You’re the coolest. I’ll have to send some brownies.

  9. I have the same hang ups about not finishing a book, but I too am resolving to be better about letting it go.

    Great, now it’s 2:45AM, and I want a brownie. Thanks for that! 😉

  10. I’m monagamous reader — one book at a time, please — and am big on commitment. I have a hard time dating several books at once, or tossing a book aside after a few dates. But I think I’m in the minority. Judging by dozens of comments on The Baltimore Sun’s Read Street blog, most folks like reading several books at once, and don’t mind breaking up if a first or second date goes bad.

  11. Hi Chartroose,

    My contribution to the alphabet meme is finally up. Enjoy!

  12. A little pot never hurt anyone 🙂
    I finally did my alphabet meme too:

  13. Yup that was me that passed along my poppet award, thanks for the compliment – I’ve been working hard to hone my snarkiness into a less bitchy but more clever cynicism of sorts 🙂

    That video is hilarious! I once knew a skater-boy who couldn’t spell his own name, but he could make special brownies and fudge that were beyond words.

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