Posted by: chartroose | February 26, 2009

Little Lamb, I Blaspheme

It seems like forever since I’ve posted or paid attention to any of you.  Let me reassure you that it’s not you–it’s me.  I’ve been feeling kind of wrung-out lately.  I think I’m suffering from the “end of winter blahs.”

So, to make up for my current lassez-faire attitude to all things (and people) bloggish, I’ve decided to host another contest.  This one will be like Surfer Dude:  the first correct guesser wins the prize.

This time, the prize will be a $25 Barnes & Noble online gift certificate.  You need to include both Author and Title in the comments section.  Move your heinie, and good luck!

Here is the poetic clue/blasphemous part:

The Book

Little book, who wrote thee?
Dost thou know who wrote thee?
Gave thee life for minds to feed,
And soar in joy as we dost read;
In these chapters of delight,
We find a young girl, gleaming bright;
She speaks with a distinctive voice,
She has an accent, not by choice.
Little book, who wrote thee?
Dost thou know who wrote thee?

The girl’s initials are “B” and “B,”
Her family lives sort of near some “Keys.”
Her Dad is neither meek, nor mild;
He fights with neighbors and goes “hog-wild.”
All things come out right in the end,
And B. B. receives a musical friend.
Little book, we love thee!
We’re glad you won the Newberry!

What is it?



  1. Well, darn, I don’t know the answer to this one. I’m glad we didn’t make you mad. I hope you get over the mid-winter blahs so you can make us laugh some more.

  2. Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski

  3. I don’t know either, but I love your riddle poem 😀

  4. Yay, Krista, you won! Congratulations. I ADORED this book when I was little, didn’t you?

    I’ll send the gift certificate to your gmail address. Hooray!

  5. the poem is terrific.

  6. Gee whiz, I read that book as a child and remember loving it, but it’s been sooooo long ago that I can’t remember the plot. I think I need to re-read the book.

  7. I just wanna know what’s in that green bottle in your sidebar.

  8. Jill — it’s chartreuse!

  9. I haven’t read this one. Going to have to be on the lookout for it. Thanks!

  10. Yay! In case you don’t know my e-mail, it’s
    towerofbooks(at)gmail(dot)com. 🙂

  11. Congrats to Krista for winning! I totally had no clue.

    And Char, I am absolutely suffering from end-of-winter blues myself. February and March are the hardest months for me… I cannot WAIT until we have some sunshine!!

  12. I didn’t read this book. Time to play catch-up.

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