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Favorite Bands Meme – Part 1 (A-F)

I was tagged for this by the incomparable Don over at Dons’tuff several months ago.  This will undoubtedly be quite a bit longer than Don intended, but my OCD problem makes me feel compelled to explain everything.  I know this is supposed to be a book blog, but music can be wonderfully poetic, so I think this is permissable.  Anyway, who doesn’t love music?  Here goes:

A – Alice in Chains

My favorite song is Rooster, which is about Vietnam:

“…Aint found a way to kill me yet,
Eyes burn with stinging sweat,
Seems every path leads me to nowhere.
Wife and kids, household pet
Army green was no safe bet,
The bullets scream to me from somewhere…”

The band broke up after the their lead singer died of a heroin overdose in 2002. As far as I know, they’ve reformed with a new lead. I haven’t heard any of their new songs yet.


B – Bush
Gavin Rossdale is an amazing singer.

Bush broke up in 2001 or 2002, but I continue to listen to them when the mood strikes. Also, Rossdale is an Alan Ginsberg fan, and my favorite Bush song, “Machinehead” is loosely based on “Howl,” Ginsberg’s seminal poem of the ’60’s era of drugs and decadence. Here’s my favorite part:

“Deaf dumb and thirty
Starting to deserve this,
Leaning on my conscious wall.
Blood is like wine,
Unconscious all the time.
If I had it all again
I’d change it all.”

Gavin is now married to Gwen Stefani, and their baby boy is named “Zuma Nesta Rock.”  Poor kid!  I think he should sue his idiotic parents for undue pain and suffering when he gets older!  I may not like Gavin’s recent lifestyle choices, but I still appreciate his music.

Click here to view a video of “Machinehead:”


Bush – Machinehead


C – The Clash

I remember how amazed I was the first time I heard the opening chords to “Train in Vain.” I’d never heard anything quite like that before. It was a secret track on “London Calling,” their best album by far.  I still listen to them, especially when I’m kind of bummed. Their music lightens my mood, even though they sing about destruction and alienation and heartbreak. It’s their distinctive sound that does it for me.

“…The kids in the halls and the pipes in the walls
Make me noises for company.
Long distance callers make long distance calls
And the silence makes me lonely.

And it’s not here
It disappeared
I’m all lost…” (From “Lost in the Supermarket” 1979)


D – Daft Punk

I’m a closet electronica fan, and Daft Punk represents the best of the best. I listen to “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” often, and it’s my current cellphone ringtone. In case you don’t know who they are, here’s a video of the song. (There are tons of variations of this song on youtube).


E – The Eels

This is a smart geeky indy band which began as the brainchild of Mark Everett many years ago.  I love the way their breezy instrumentals totally contradict the serious nature of their lyrics.  The Eels are a true original in every respect.  Here are some lyrics from “Susan’s World:”

“Down by the Donut Prince a fifteen year old boy lies on the sidewalk
With a bullet in his forehead.
In a final act of indignity the paramedics take off all his clothes
For the whole world to see while they put him in the bag.
Meanwhile an old couple argues inside the Queen Bee
The sick fluorescent light shimmering on their skin…”

Mark Everett has just published an autobiography.

I’d like to read it, but I don’t think I have the time.


F – Flogging Molly

This eclectic Irish punk/folk/rock band has been around since 1997. They’re totally different than any other group out there, and they’ve continued to improve with each passing year. Their latest album, Float (2008) is my favorite. I hope they stick around for a long time.

“Puncture the skin and see his blood run cold on desert sand,
Come hear the meant for mothers with childless hands,
As the days do come, but the years do go,
So take care of your freedom–you’ll never know,
Take good care of your freedom–you’ll never know. (The Lightning Storm, 2008)



  1. I adore the Eels. I’ve been meaning to get E’s book ever since I first heard of it a couple of months ago.

  2. Hey, I’m not quite as out of it as I thought I was. I know all of those artists, except The Eels and Flogging Molly! I’m impressed with myself.

  3. I’m totally out of it. huh.

  4. every time I visit your blog I find a photo of a semi-clothed male!

    Some original choices. I’d forgotten about Daft Punk! Am considering coming out of meme retirement for this one.

  5. I received Mark Everett’s autobiography from LibraryThing ER, and I really enjoyed it, but I have only heard a few songs from the Eels.

  6. Wow! I’m surprised that so many people are familiar with The Eels, although I shouldn’t be since book bloggers are really smart people and The Eels is a really smart band with great lyrics.

    Kathy–You’re very much “in it.” I knew that from the start.

    Care–You’re not out of it either. Your musical tastes are just more sophisticated than mine.

    Stephen–What happened to your name? Have you watched the Daft Punk video? It features semi-clothed females. So there!

    Krista–I guess I’ll have to read the autobiography, then. How’d you get so smart?

  7. Yeah, this one has been added to my to-do list also. I do apologise for not being an Eels listener, but I will try harder in future!

  8. If I could, would you? Do you believe it is playing on my iPod right now???????

  9. BTW, my Orlando poster is a huge hit at work. I hung it there after my husband threatened to exile it to the closet. 🙂

  10. sorry – trying to comment via iPhone – predictive texting works wonders with a name!

  11. […] noticed the other day that Chartroose had started doing a favourite bands meme. The idea is fairly simple: to go through the alphabet and pick out my favourite band beginning […]

  12. My youngest boy just discovered AIC, makes me happy that he likes my music. Never heard of The Eels before, agree that Daft Punk is the best and have to say Flogging Molly is what got me into celt-punk. Only one I don’t like much is Bush, Machinehead, Glycerine and Swallowed were good but they got so overplayed that I couldn’t help but tire of them.

    Love this list, I’m totally gonna do this one too.

  13. Bush was one of my favorite bands as well – I still listen to Machinehead (I was singing in my head along with the lyrics you typed!) What a great band!

  14. Great list. Sorry it took me so long to get over to read it. I’m looking forward to the rest of the alphabet.
    I see some Celt music, do you like Seven Nations?

  15. Saw this and immediately thought of you: you might enjoy dwarfed punk – daft punk plus snow white.

  16. […] […]

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