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Chartroose on the Loose – Forks, Washington

I got this idea from Care’s blog.  She has developed this cute ongoing Monday morning “Where am I” post where she tells her readers about the real or imagined setting of her current read.  I’ve decided to take her idea a bit further and occasionally travel, armchair style, to different places (real or imagined) which are of literary interest. These places will be either author’s birthplaces or be featured in one or several of their novels.  Since I can’t afford to travel much anymore, this type of tourism will have to do.

This time, I’ll be traveling from Colorado Springs to Forks, Washington, which is way up on the northwestern tip of the state, about 130 miles west of Seattle.

I’m going there because I’m hoping to view one of the rarest and most dangerous of all creatures:  the vampire.  Forks has become very popular with vampire hunters, especially those of the female persuasion.  These gaggles of giddy hunters are hoping to catch a glimpse of a glowing and gorgeous vampire named Edward Cullen.  Perhaps they’re hoping to catch more than just a glimpse.  Perhaps they’re hoping to capture Edward’s heart, if they can wrest it away from Bella (that silly little twit)!

Before we go on a tour of Forks, I must mention that I am not a Twilight fan.  The novels are way too girly and “romancy” for my taste.  I saw the movie with older daughter and we both agreed that it was entertaining in a trivial way (as are the books).  I like my vampires raw and heinous and terrifyingly monstrous, like Nosferatu.  I don’t want my vampires to resemble this baby-faced guy:

or this insanely attractive guy:

or even this totally insane very short guy:

My vampires darn well better look like this:

or this:

or this:

This horrific monster can open his mouth and suck the life out of everyone around him in seconds!

Now, back to Forks (pop. about 3,100).  Here are a few interesting facts:  Forks is the rainiest city in the continental U.S.  The usual rainfall amount is around 100 inches a year.  Forks claims to be the “timber capital of the world,” even though the logging industry went into decline there (and in other woodsy Washington places) many years ago.  Now, the main sources of income are a couple of prisons and tourism.

Another interesting thing about Forks is that there really is a nearby Quileute Native American reservation.  The Quileute people (pop. about 750) are fishermen and craftsmen.  At one time, they were great whalers and built enormous canoes that could carry up to 6,000 pounds of whale meat.  The Quileute’s believe that they descended from wolves, so it looks like Stephanie Meyer did her homework about them and the surrounding area.  The Quileute people are also an attractive group, both in real life and in fiction:

The Twilight series brought Forks back to life.  Twilight fans are treated to all kinds of fun and fascinating Twilight related gifts and tours and restaurant selections named after the characters.  For some reason, all this Twilight-themed tourism seems terribly poignant and sad to me.  Eventually, the Twilight phenomenon will become a thing of the past, and then Forks will slip back into obscurity.

Here are some photos that show how Forks has jumped onto the Twilight bandwagon:


TWILIGHT PACKAGE: $198 plus tax

– A two-night stay in a Twilight themed room- A Forks area map highlighting
all locations listed in the Twilight books.

– Enjoy a slice of a Bella Berry Pie at the Smoke House restaurant
where Bella and Charlie went to dinner after graduation

That’s all folks!  I think I’ll head down the coast next time…

Oh, and one more thing; the movie version of Twilight is coming out on DVD next weekend.  I’d like to give this movie away to one of my loyal (or not-so-loyal) readers.  Leave a comment and I’ll choose a winner on Monday, March 23rd.  Good luck!



  1. I’m just beyond amused by this post! Not surprised though. Is it naive of me to reveal that I didn’t know Forks was a real town? Somehow, I’d assumed that Stephenie Meyer made it up. I’m not too surprised that they’d capitalize on Twilight, though. I’ll take a Bella burger. 😀

    Toss my name in the hat for the film – why not? =)

  2. Ooh, enter me! I am ashamed to admit that I actually devoured all these books …

    But funny story – there’s another blogger who is planning a girls trip and calling it “Dorks in Forks” – is that not hysterical?! You can read about it here.

  3. I don’t know anything about the Twilight books, but I have to tell you, that motel room is scary.

  4. Oh! I want to go to Forks!!! Sorry vamps can’t be scary and icky in the books I read. It’s a major plus if they look or act like Spike though 🙂 I can’t wait until the DVD comes out!!!

  5. OK, that Twilight room is too over-the-top for my tastes! Too funny!

  6. Oh, and do you think the marinara sauce on the Twilight Subway sandwich is supposed to be blood? 🙂

  7. Haha, this post gave me a belly laugh.
    I was a Twilight fan when I first read the books, but after seeing the movie and all that glitter and oh so cool dialogue like “Hang on Spidermonkey,” I’m having serious doubts about Edward’s coolness factor.

    Then I saw Spike from Buffy. He was a much cooler vamp. He was the vamp of my generation! In a way, I feel sorry for the tween/teen Twilight fans; if their only model for a ‘dangerous guy’ is the E.C., they don’t know what they’re missing.

  8. This is an awesome contest! You rock! I’m a HUGE Twilight fan. I guess you could see I’m a little bit of an addict…

  9. I’m laughing that the Twilight Sandwich at the Forks Subway has marinara sauce (I vant to suck your blooooood)

    What a fun post!! Would love to win the movie for my kids to watch in a couple years!

  10. This post was fun. Love it! Don’t enter me in the contest though. No book-related movies for me here!

  11. I bet the average citizen in Forks has got to be SO sick of all of the Twilight hype by now. If I lived there, I’d have long since developed a twitch any time I heard the syllable “Twi…”. Twyla Tharp could come to town, and I’d never know, having run screaming with my hands over the ears at the first mention. 🙂

  12. This is such a funny post – I can’t believe the Twilight-mania! I actually haven’t seen the movie yet so I’d love to win it 🙂

  13. I, like you, am not that big of a Twilight fan, but I am a high school teacher and I do like what Twilight has done for non-readers. I would love to be entered into your contest for the movie so that I could pass it on to a well deserving student. Thanks.

  14. Oh, this is the best thing I’ve read today. LOL!!!! Do you think my dad is less of a hottie for listening to your last vampire? We got into such arguments while I was in college. We’ve both mellowed since then I suppose. Thanks for the virtual trip through the home of Twilight. I still haven’t been able to make myself get started on that series. Reading one review where it was called “Mormon erotica” has really stuck in my mind.

  15. Love Forks’ capitalizing on all the Twilight fame. *eye roll*

    Though I’m occasionally ashamed to admit it, I did rather like the movie, and I’ll probably go out and buy it, but ah, it would be so much simpler to just win it from you. 😉 Do enter me please! Thanks!

  16. Okay, I said I would never want to watch the movie…but I’ve changed my mind. It could be totally entertaining, in a let’s make fun of the sparkly vampires kind of way.

    Oh, and love the comment about the insane short guy….you were talking about his real life personality, right? 😉

  17. Don’t wish to win, just saying hi! LOVED this fun post and the comments are great, too! oh my…

  18. This is too funny. Enter me in the drawing, if I win the DVD then I’ll have to watch it and I won’t feel like such a dork renting it 🙂

  19. Ah, the staggering beauty of American commercialism at work! Still trying to figure out why there’s an Edward cottage with kitchen and bedroom, when he didn’t eat or sleep.

  20. I’ve been through Forks! I’d say to, but we basically stopped for gas and contemplated renting a DVD while we were there (it’s just one of those everything places).

    There was just a swath of devastated cut forest outside of Forks to Aberdeen. I wish we’d stopped at the bar. It was slightly like driving through a landscape in hell.

  21. maybe the people in forks are happy to have a boost to their economy in such bleak times…it seems like it wasn’t a really booming place before stephenie meyer set the series there. i say hail to the bella burger! 🙂

  22. You live in Colorado Springs? Maybe you’ve bumped into my greedy uncle, then! He filled up a U-Haul with stuff from my grandma’s house and then sold it through his antiques dealership.

  23. Nosferatu for the win. It’s such a shame that so many people don’t know about one of the greatest horror films AND copyright violations of all time.

    Also, please enter me. Because I like my vampires either way. Many thanks.

  24. That was a fun post. I read the books and saw the movie. I enjoyed both.
    Vampires can go either way in my opinion, although I will admit they are becoming a wee bit over romanticized.

    Please enter me in your contest. Thanks so much!

  25. […] Chartroose on the Loose Forks Washington Bloody Hell Its a […]

  26. Oh my goodness. Stephenie Meyer sure did do a lot for the tourism of Forks. I loved the Twilight room!

  27. Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  28. Great site! Keep up the good work!

  29. I, a 51 year old woman, found the movies entertaining…. especially finding that they were filmed at one of the schools that I visited as a little cheerleader in the 70’s! Whodathunk that little town where my ex husband enjoyed a logging career would wind up in a theatre near YOU!

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