Posted by: chartroose | May 14, 2009

For the Child in All of Us


This week is Children’s Book Week.  I’ve always loved kid’s books, and 
sometimes when I need a little pick-me-up, I’ll curl up with A. A. Milne or Rudyard Kipling and escape into a great adventure.  It works every time. 

Lately, I’ve noticed a vast improvement in teen reads (except for the current overabundance of ridiculous vampire romances.  They totally suck!  Yep, they’re bloody awful!)  Teen novels are much more realistic than they used to be.  Their themes cover everything from drug abuse to bullying to homosexuality.  Every once in awhile, I’ll read one and be very impressed by the sophistication of the story.  It’s wonderful that authors are acknowledging the humanity of teens, and it’s about time!

In honor of Children’s Book Week, I’ve decided to give some books away.  These were are favorites of mine, and I can’t wait to choose the winners. 

The first group of books I’ll be giving away is this series in paperback format:

 I LOVED these back in the day.  (I haven’t read The Borrowers Avenged yet, since I wasn’t aware that Mary Norton had written a later one).  They will be arriving at my house soon.  If it takes awhile for the winner to receive them, and the last one seems a little too dog-eared to be new, then please forgive my “borrowing!”


The other series I’ll be giving away is this one:

These are excellent teen sci-fi novels–I enjoyed them almost as much as John Christopher’s Tripod Trilogy.  I haven’t read Extras yet, so it may be a bit more worn than the others, although you probably won’t be able to tell since I bought all of them used (and most are paperback) from  Older daughter has taken my set of these books and refuses to return them.  Such insolence!  I’m surrounded by thieves!

If you’d like a chance to win either or both of these series, leave a comment specifying your desires.  I’ll do the eenie-meenie game at around noon or thereabouts on Wednesday, May 20.  Good luck!



  1. What a greta giveaway! Oh my gosh! I’d love to read the Scott Westerfeld books – please enter me for them.

  2. Great giveway! I’d love to enter to win the Westerfield series!

  3. I LOVED the Borrowers when I was a kid, and would love the chance to get reacquainted. Please enter me for the Borrowers.


  4. What a delightful way to celebrate this week! I’d love either series, seeing as I have not read any of the books. (Yes, I know; it’s sad.)

  5. This is such a fantastic giveaway! I’d love to be entered for the Scott Westerfeld series. Thank you!

  6. I loved the Borrowers books! Stick me in the hat for those, please. I could stand to reread them. My brain is mush, this week. I think I need to look for something on the level of One Fish, Two Fish.

  7. I’d love to win either series – my 7 and 9 year olds would love Borrowers, and my 12 1/2 year old daughter would squee in delight to win the Uglies series. She’s on a looooooooong waiting list at the library to get Pretties. Great giveaway – thanks for being so generous!

    nnjmom at yahoo dot com

  8. I’d love those Borrowers books for my 8 year old son. He has really taken off with his reading this year at school, and I loved them when I was a kid.

    Please keep blogging!

  9. I would love to win the Scott Westerfeld books. I’m a huge sci-fi fan.

  10. Yes, vampires novels do suck! And they’re bloody awful. So over them.

    The Borrowers! I loved the Borrowers back in the day. The Avenged one is probably past my reading timeline too. I’ll have to check my books and see which ones I do have.

  11. I would love to pass The Borrowers series on to my kids. I remember loving those when I was a kid! Thanks!

  12. Oh! It’s SO hard to choose! Well I’ve read all the Borrowers before so I’m going to have to enter for the Westerfeld series 🙂

  13. I already have the first 2 books in the Uglies series. And I think I can pester the bookstore guy to order the rest too.

    I would love to enter for The Borrowers series (if international). Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. nice giveaways! i haven’t heard of the borrowers…and haven’t read any of the westerfelds!

  15. I haven’t read the Borrowers book in years and years so that’s the series I would love to own.

    I already have the Westerfelds — though I haven’t read them yet.

  16. […] Chartroose is holding a very generous giveaway in honor of Children’s Book Week: The Borrowers series by Mary Norton and the Uglies series by Scott […]

  17. I would love to give the first series to my niece and I’d lovethe second series for me. Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. I would love to win either series. I loved The Borrowers when I was younger and would love to give them to my kids.

    I’ve heard great things about Westerfelds’s books and would love to read them.

  19. I would love to enter either one of these series! Thanks!

  20. I would love to win The Borrower’s for my daughter!

  21. Please enter me for the Borrowers – I’d love my niece to get into these books

  22. I would love to win the Westerfield series. I have not had a chance top read these.

  23. I would love theThe Borrowers series for my adoption box…… I am saving things for when I adopt an older child out of foster care…..

  24. This looks great! I’d like to sign up for both series – I would be very happy with either one. They both sound fun and engrossing!

    gaby317nyc AT gmail DOT com

  25. I would love to read the Scott Westerfield series.


  26. Thanx for the contest, I’d be interested in either series

  27. either look great

  28. i love the borrowers too. i remember thinking i wish i was that tiny

  29. I’d love a chance to win both. Either series would great for one of my kids!!

  30. I would love the Scott Westerfeld series!

  31. I would love to win both. I have young kids and 2 teens.

  32. Please enter me in your giveaway. I would like the Borrowers series since I think the boys would like them.

  33. I remember reading the Borrowers once upon a time. I would love to win the set. Thanks!!

  34. Oh I would love to win the the Westerfield series books, thanks.

  35. I loved the Borrowers books. Please add my name into the drawing.

  36. No need to enter me – Just wanted to say hello! (did you know that it was also American Craft Beer Week?)

  37. I would love to win either set actually — I grew up reading the Borrowers — I loved those books. But the other set looks very intriquing also!

  38. I’d love to win either set. Awesome!

  39. I loved the Borrowers when I was a kid! I’d love to be entered for both sets, as I’ve had the Westerfield series on my tbr for a while now.

  40. My daughter would love the teen sci-fi series

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  41. My boys would love the Borrowers books

  42. What a great idea! I adored the Uglies series as well, but have never read the Borrowers!

  43. You are so right with teen/ya books being better lately – what I enjoy seeing most is that main characters no longer need to be MTV perfect, instead it’s the damaged, geeky or just average, normal kids who take the spotlight.

  44. Oh, The Borrowers please!!

  45. What fun! I’m a children’s/young adult novel freak myself, and oddly enough I haven’t read either of these series. Would love to have my name thrown into the hopper.

    andi (dot) miller (at)

  46. oh! I LOVED The Borrowers — I’ve not seen that Avenged one, either!!! Thanks for the chance 🙂

    emvark at gmail dot com

  47. I’m not sure if I’m entering in time, I’m waaaay behind in my reader. But if I am, I’d love to have either!


  48. I’d like to win the Westerfeld set.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

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