1. Now is the Hour – Tom Spanbauer
  2. 24/7 – Jim Brown
  3. The Sixth Form – Tom Dolby
  4. Watch Me Disappear – Jill Dawson
  5. The Whistling Season – Ivan Doig
  6. The Brief History of the Dead – Kevin Brockmeier
  7. The Electric Michaelangelo – Sarah Hall
  8. Kick Me – Paul Feig
  9. Ghostfires – Keith Dixon
  10. The Facts of Life – Graham Joyce
  11. The Lost Mother – Mary McGarry Morris
  12. The Echo Maker – Richard Powers
  13. Torch – Cheryl Strayed
  14. The Position – Meg Wolitzer
  15. The Usual Rules – Joyce Maynard
  16. The Exception – Christian Jungerson
  17. The Law of Dreams – Peter Behrens
  18. The Art of Racing in the Rain – Garth Stein
  19. Every Visible Thing – Lisa Carey
  20. Harvard Yard – William Martin
  21. The Broken Places – Susan Perabo
  22. The Testament of Gideon Mack – James Robertson
  23. Talk Talk – T. C. Boyle
  24. Special Topics in Calamity Physics – Marisha Pessl
  25. The Singing and Dancing Daughters of God – Timothy Schaffert
  26. Angel’s Rest – Charles Davis
  27. The Solace of Leaving Early – Haven Kimmel
  28. The Last Town on Earth – Thomas Mullen
  29. The Bewildered – Peter Rock
  30. Darkness Falls – Kyle Mills
  31. Family History – Dani Shapiro
  32. The River – Tricia Wastvedt
  33. Here They Come – Yannick Murphy
  34. Year of Wonders – Geraldine Brooks
  35. Twins – Marcy Dermansky
  36. Zed – Elizabeth McClung
  37. Origin – Diana Abu-Jaber
  38. Departures – Lorna Cook
  39. Eating Heaven – Jennie Shortridge
  40. The Turning Hour – Shelly Fraser Mickle
  41. The Inhabited World – David Long
  42. Remembering Sarah – Chris Mooney
  43. Aloft – Chang Rae Lee
  44. The Best People in the World – Justin Tussing
  45. Winner of the National Book Award – Jincy Willett
  46. In the Province of Saints – Thomas O’Malley
  47. Acceptance – Susan Coll
  48. Josie and Jack – K. T. Braffet
  49. A Brief History of the Flood – Jean Harfenist
  50. After Life – Rhian Ellis


  1. Chartroose,
    I might have missed out on your explanation, but why do you have six TBRs? What does it mean? I looked at them and can’t make any sense. Of course, my brain is still fogged up after the Readathon!

  2. bybee,
    I might as well admit it…I’m totally insane! These are books that I want to read–each and every one of them. I read reviews and make lists and then rearrange the lists in various ways that are only comprehensible to me. Now I can’t even remember why I arranged them this way! I’m working on list 7 now. Please save me from myself!

  3. Oh, I don’t want to change you or save you…I’m totally charmed by people’s book weirdnesses. There were a lot in the McMurtry memoir which I’ll blog about soon.

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